Race 4 Eight Men’s Pro Rankings Post 2024 R48 Red Death

Posted on Mar 20 2024 - 1:14pm by DV

Tucson, AZ, 2/4/24

The Race 4 Eight Men’s Pro just completed the fifth event of the eight-event 2023/24 Race 4 Eight season at Missoula’s Red Death. Danos Cordova became the first player to win two events this season at the 2024 R48 Red Death, maintaining his number two ranking and inching him closer to his brother Lucho’s top spot. By the time the March 29 Race 4 Eight Juarez event kicks off, Lucho Cordova will have held the R48 number one ranking for 474 days!

By advancing to his second career Race 4 Eight final at the 2024 R48 Red Death, Leo Canales jumped from number seven to number five, while twenty-three time Race 4 Eight champion Killian Carroll slid from number five to number seven by skipping the 2024 R48 Red Death. Vic Perez’s second semifinal of the season inched him closer to the Race 4 Eight Elite 8, leaving him on the doorstep at number nine.

Mark Doyle’s first quarterfinal finish of the season vaulted him into the top 12, while Doyle’s Mankato teammate John Bike joined Doyle in the top 15 with his top 12 finish at the 2024 R48 Red Death.

Check out the updated rankings below. 

Mens Rankings Methodology (PDF)

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