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Posted on May 8 2019 - 7:31am by DV

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 4/15/19- The top six on the R48 Men’s Pro remained unchanged following the 2019 NYAC R48LTE, as Killian Carroll remained #1 despite a semifinal loss (McCarthy), Danos Cordova remained tied for third with brother Lucho following a semifinal loss (Brady), and David Fink remained at #5 following his second consecutive fifth place finish.

Despite neither Emmett Peixoto nor Marcos Chavez playing at the NYAC, Chavez climbed ahead of Peixoto in the R48 rankings based on Peixoto losing points from the 2018 NYAC and the 2018 Player’s Championship. The 45-year old Chavez now sits at #7, his highest ever ranking on the R48 tour.

Ranking Projections from Race 4 Eight Rankings Director Nick Flores:

Assuming Killian Carroll does not finish lower than 6th place in Salt Lake City, neither Cordova brother could take the #1 ranking by winning the tournament. 10 points would put Daniel at 45, and 10 points would put Luis at 44. Killian is already at 45 and finishing as low as 6th would give him 45.5 points.

If Killian finishes with 6 points at Salt Lake City, the best Sean Lenning could do would be to tie Killian for #1 by winning the tournament. 10 points would put Lenning at 48 points, while 6 points would also put Killian at 48 points.

If Killian reaches the finals, no one can take the #1 ranking from him even if they defeat him in the finals.

If both Cordova’s lose in the semifinals and receive 6 points, Daniel will finish 3rd with 41 and Luis will finish 4th with 40. Luis must advance 2 points farther than Daniel to pass him.

Vic Perez must obtain two more points than David Fink in order to jump Fink for #5.

Emmett Peixoto must obtain two more points than Marcos Chavez in order to jump Chavez for #7.

If Mando Ortiz wants to jump back into the top 8 he must reach the semifinals, with Peixoto not finishing higher than 9th place, or Chavez not finishing higher than 11th/12th. Obtaining four points will not be enough for Mando to get back in the top 8.

*Brady and McCarthy do not appear on the rankings because in order to gain R48 ranking points at a R48LTE stop, a player must have earned R48 ranking points at a full R48 stop. A player can activate his/her R48LTE ranking points retroactively by earning points at a future R48 stop in the same season.

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