R48 7 Season-Ending Elite 8 + Fab 4 WR48+ Fab Five SR48 In-Depth Stats & Trends

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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 5/9/18 The 2017-2018 Race 4 Eight 7 season concluded at the “Player’s Stop” in Salt Lake City at the R48 Aces Player’s Championship, with Killian Carroll, Catriona Casey, and Marcos Chavez repeating at Player’s Champions.

The R48 7 season started in October in Atlanta and ended in Salt Lake City, with stops in Tucson, Montana, Las Vegas, Houston, and New York City in between. The Race 4 Eight superstars dazzled thousands of fans and broadcast viewers at each stop with the most electrifying athleticism and skills in professional sports.

Killian Carroll won six R48 Men’s titles in seven starts, making him the most prolific single-season winner in the history of R48 Men’s tour. Catriona won three titles in four WR48 starts, maintaining her dominance atop the women’s game, while David Fink won two of the three SR48 events to finish the season as the SR48 #1.

Check out the R48 7 season-ending scoring stats, percentage of points won, and overall records of the R48 Elite 8, WR48, and SR48 stars + the season-ending R48 7 Fun Facts and Trends.

Season Ending R48 Elite 8 Stats

Killian Carroll        

R48 Ranking: #1

Atlanta: 122-55 (4-0)

Tucson: 129-61 (4-0)

Montana: 132-61 (4-0)

Las Vegas: 127-84 (3-1)

Houston: 120-30 (4-0)

NYAC: 132-71 (4-0)

Salt Lake City: 127-67 (4-0)

Total points: 889-429 (67%)

R48 7 Record: 27-1

Highest R48 ranking: 1 (2017)

R48 Lifetime Record: 62-13

R48 Best Finishes: 10 Titles

Sean Lenning

R48 Ranking: #2

Atlanta: 84-59 (2-1)

Tucson: 93-59 (2-1)

Montana: 90-103 (2-1)

Las Vegas: 132-88 (4-0)

Houston: 105-71

NYAC: 37-61 (0-2)

Salt Lake City: 136-91 (3-1)

Total points: 677-532 (56%)

R48 7 Record: 16-7

Highest R48 ranking: 1 (2012)

R48 Lifetime Record: 95-55

R48 Best Finishes: 6 Titles

Mando Ortiz

R48 Ranking: #3

Atlanta: 118-101 (3-1)

Tucson: 81-81 (2-1)

Montana: 142-126 (3-1)

Las Vegas: 77-97 (1-2)

Houston: 68-64

NYAC: 47-68

Salt Lake City: 86-85

Total points: 619-622 (50%)

R48 7 Record: 13-10

Highest R48 ranking: 1 (2017)

R48 Lifetime Record: 67-39

R48 Best Finishes: 2 titles

Daniel Cordova

R48 Ranking: #4

Atlanta: 90-89 (2-1)

Tucson: 66-66 (1-1)

Montana: 51-71 (1-2)

Las Vegas: 97-77 (3-1)

Houston: 103-72 (3-1)

NYAC: 102-75 (3-1)

Salt Lake City: 75-74 (2-1)

Total points: 584-524 (53%)

R48 7 Record: 15-8

Highest R48 ranking: 4 (2018)

R48 Lifetime Record: 46-43

R48 Best Finishes: 1 Final

David Fink

R48 Ranking: #5

Atlanta: 92-59 (2-1)

Tucson: 55-71 (1-2)

Montana: 97-66 (2-1)

Las Vegas: 83-63 (2-1)

Houston: 82-53 (2-1)

NYAC: 13-30

Salt Lake City: 66-65

Total points: 488-407 (55%)

R48 7 Record: 10-9

Highest R48 ranking: 1 (2017)

R48 Lifetime Record: 77-55

R48 Best Finishes: 3 Finals

Luis Cordova

R48 Ranking: #6

Atlanta: 76-87 (2-2)

Tucson: 59-42 (1-1)

Montana: 70-87 (2-1)

Las Vegas: 101-89 (2-1)

Houston: 88-84 (2-2)

NYAC: 104-77 (3-1)

Salt Lake City: 91-82 (2-1)

Total points: 589-548 (52%)

R48 7 Record: 14-9

Highest R48 ranking: 3 (2018)

R48 Lifetime Record: 57-53

R48 Best Finishes: 1 Final

Emmett Peixoto

R48 Ranking: #7

Atlanta: 61-57

Tucson: 28-55

Montana: n/a

Las Vegas: 48-74

Houston: 66-76

NYAC: 103-80

Salt Lake City: 52-71 (1-2)

Total points: 358-413 (46%)

R48 7 Record: 7-9

Highest R48 ranking: 2 (2014)

R48 Lifetime Record: 73-52

R48 Best Finishes: 2 Finals

Vic Perez

Ranking: #8

Atlanta: 96-96 (1-2)

Tucson: 48-59 (1-1)

Montana: 100-90 (2-2)

Las Vegas: 96-59 (3-1)

Houston: 113-86 (3-1)

NYAC: 94-97 (2-1)

Salt Lake City: 81-62 (3-1)

Total points: 628-549 (53%)

R48 7 Record: 15-9

Highest R48 ranking: 8 (2017)

R48 Lifetime Record: 37-50

Best R48 Finishes: 2 Semifinals

Season-Ending WR48 Elite Stats

Catriona Casey

Best Finish: 1st (Las Vegas, NYAC, Salt Lake City)

Notable wins: Peixoto de Melo, Tuohey, Moler, Tuohey

Combined score vs. opponents in R48 7 main draw and playoffs: 388-80 (83%)

Tucson: 118-51

Las Vegas: 90-9

NYAC: 90-7

Salt Lake City: 90-13

R48 7 main draw/playoff record: 12-1

Current ranking: 1

Highest R48 ranking: 1 (since 2014)

Aimee Tuohey

Best Finish: 2nd (Salt Lake City)

Notable wins: Moler, Koehler, Peixoto de Melo, Davis

Combined score vs. opponents in R48 7 main draw and playoffs: 329-280 (54%)

Tucson: 81-78

Las Vegas: 93-86

NYAC: 86-72

Salt Lake City: 69-44

R48 7 main draw/playoff record: 9-5

Current ranking: 2

Highest R48 ranking: 2 (current)

Courtney Peixoto de Melo

Best Finish: 2nd (Las Vegas)

Notable wins: Davis, Tuohey, Moler

Combined score vs. opponents in R48 7 main draw and playoffs: 327-297 (52%)

Tucson: 95-84

Las Vegas: 75-80

NYAC: 94-71

Salt Lake City: 63-62

R48 7 main draw/playoff record: 10-5

Current ranking: 3

Highest R48 ranking: 2 (current)

Tracy Davis

Best Finish: 3rd (Tucson)

Notable wins: Tuohey, Koehler

Combined score vs. opponents in R48 7 main draw and playoffs: 257-264 (49%)

Tucson: 87-67

Las Vegas: 70-72

NYAC: 45-55

Salt Lake City: 55-70

R48 7 main draw/playoff record: 6-6

Current ranking: 4

Highest R48 ranking: 2 (2015)

Season-Ending SR48 Elite Stats

David Fink

Best Finish: 1st (Las Vegas, Houston)

Notable wins: Harris, Chavez, Garcia, Jr.

Combined score vs. opponents in SR48 6 main draw and playoffs: 222-85 (72%)

SR48 6 main draw/playoff record: 8-1

Current ranking: 1

Marcos Chavez

Best Finish: 1st (Salt Lake City)

Notable wins: Zimet, Fink

Combined score vs. opponents in SR48 6 main draw and playoffs: 185-162 (53%)

SR48 6 main draw/playoff record: 7-2

Current ranking: 2

Dan Zimet

Best Finish: 4th (Las Vegas)

Notable wins: Garcia Jr.

Combined score vs. opponents in SR48 6 main draw and playoffs: 186-163 (53%)

SR48 6 main draw/playoff record: 4-3

Current ranking: 3


Joe Harris

Best Finish: 3rd (Las Vegas)

Notable wins: Armijo, Zimet, Garcia

Combined score vs. opponents in SR48 6 main draw and playoffs: 114-101 (53%)

SR48 6 main draw/playoff record: 4-2

Current ranking: 4

George Garcia, Jr.

Best Finish: 4th (Salt Lake City)

Notable wins: Karner, Price

Combined score vs. opponents in SR48 6 main draw and playoffs: 190-180 (51%)

SR48 6 main draw/playoff record: 6-5

Current ranking: 5

R48 7 Fun Facts & Trends

  • Catriona Casey became the first women’s player in the history of handball to defeat a current men’s pro in tournament play at the NYAC ‘8. Casey defeated then R48 #22 Loren Collado 25-19 in the 17th place playoffs
  • Diarmaid Nash (Montana ’18) and Shorty Ruiz (Las Vegas ’18) scored the most points (45) in a main draw loss this season
  • David Fink (#3) and Luis Cordova (#3) became the first players to face one another in the top three in the quarterfinals of a R48 event (Houston ’18)
  • Sean Lenning (#4) and Luis Moreno (#6) became the first players in the top 8 to face one another in the round of 16 of a R48 event (Montana ’18)
  • Marcos Chavez (Atlanta ’17) was outscored by more combined points in one event (31) than any player in the Elite 8 this season (58-89)
  • Marcos Chavez defeated Emmett Peixoto in the most lopsided playoff match of the season at the R48 7 Las Vegas (25-2)
  • Killian Carroll owned the best match record on the R48 7 (27-1), the most titles (6), and the largest points differential in an event of any player this season (+90 points at Houston’18)
  • Daniel Cordova finished 5th more than any player on the R48 7 (3: Tucson ‘17, Las Vegas ’18, Houston ‘18)
  • Luis “Lucho” Cordova authored the largest playoff comeback of the season, rallying from 18-24 in the 5th place playoff final in Montana to defeat Vic Perez 26-24
  • David Fink and Marcos Chavez combined for the oldest combined age of any quarterfinal in R48 history at the Las Vegas Royal Flush ’18 (84 years)
  • Killian Carroll was the only player to advance to the semifinals or better of all seven R48 7 events
  • Killian Carroll won the most points on the R48 7 (876) and owns the highest percentage of points won on the R48 7 (68%)
  • Mando Ortiz was the only player to reach a semifinal that did not outscore his combined opponents during the event (81-81 Tucson ’17)
  • Marcos Chavez (44 years, 1 month) is the oldest player to ever finish a R48 event in the top six (NYAC ’18)
  • Shorty Ruiz was the only player to score 15 points in all three games of a main draw R48 match and lose the match (R16 Montana ’18 vs. Chavez)
  • The most lopsided round of 16 match of the R48 7 season was the first match of the R48 7 season (Fink defeated Pesch 15-0, 15-2) and the quarterfinals in Houston (Carroll def Ruiz 15-0, 15-2)
  • Shorty Ruiz (45-45 vs. Chavez Montana ‘18) and Killian Carroll (37-37 vs. Lenning Las Vegas ‘18) scored the same number of points as their respective opponents but lost the matches
  • Marcos Chavez (vs. Shorty Ruiz Montana ’18), Mando Ortiz (vs. Emmett Peixoto Atlanta ’18), Sean Lenning (vs. Diarmaid Nash Montana ’18), and Dave Munson (vs. Marcos Chavez Houston ’18), Vic Perez (vs. Marcos Chavez NYAC ’18), and Mando Ortiz (vs. Peter Funchion NYAC ’18) are the only players to face match point in a main draw match and come back to win during the R48 7 season
  • There were four first-time R48 qualifiers during the R48 7 season (Langmack, Mattioni, Pat. Funchion, Garcia, Jr))

Nick Mattioni: qualified at the R48 7 Atlanta (13th) and Houston (13th): 0-3

Patrick Funchion: qualified at the R48 7 Las Vegas, finished 13th (0-2)

Max Langmack: qualified at the R48 7 Houston, finished 10th (2-2)

George Garcia, Jr: qualified at the R48 7 Player’s Championship, finished 13th (0-2)

  • Sean Lenning won his first R48 title in 22 months (Player’s Championship ’16) and sixth R48 title overall at the R48 7 Las Vegas Royal Flush
  • Killian Carroll entered the R48 7 Royal Flush ’18 on 19-match R48 winning streak but lost 15-12 in the third game to Sean Lenning
  • Catriona Casey won her 15th WR48 title in the 17th WR48 event at the ’18 Aces Player’s Championship
  • Dr. Ashley Moler advanced to her first WR48 semifinal at the Royal Flush ’18, defeating Aoife McCarthy in the quarterfinals before losing to Catriona Casey in the semifinals
  • Shorty Ruiz is the first player in R48 history to lose by two points in the third game in back-to-back R48 round of 16 matches (Ortiz in Montana, Chavez in Las Vegas)
  • Dalton Beall snapped his streak of six consecutive playoff forfeits by receiving a forfeit in the round of 16 in Las Vegas (Moreno). Beall would finally play and lose his first playoff match after the streak to Stephen Cooney
  • Daniel Cordova, David Fink, and Mando Ortiz were the only players to have lost in the round of 16, the quarterfinals, and the semifinals on the R48 7
  • Shorty Ruiz is the only player to have qualified for every event during a Race season (in the R48 7 season)
  • Marcos Chavez and David Fink are the only players ranked on two Race 4 Eight tours (R48 & SR48)
  • The WR48 featured four different finalists from the bottom bracket of the four 2017-2018 WR48 draws: McMahon (Tucson), Peixoto de Melo (Las Vegas), Koehler (NYAC), Tuohey (Salt Lake City)
  • Only two players appeared in the three 2017-2018 SR48 finals: Fink (2 wins, 3 finals), Chavez (1 win, 3 finals)
  • Dr. Dan Zimet was the only player on the 2017-2018 R48, WR48, or SR48 to advance and lose in the semifinals of every event he played: Las Vegas (4th), Houston (4th), Salt Lake City (3rd)
  • Martina McMahon was the only undefeated player on the 2017-2018 R48, SR48, or WR48 (4-0, one title)
  • Martina McMahon (Tucson) and Danielle Daskalakis (NYAC) were the only WR48 pros to have played in just one event
  • Luis Moreno entered a qualifier for the first time in R48 history in Montana ‘18, defeating Pete Svennungsen 25-23
  • There were 56 qualifiers on the R48 7 through the ’18 Aces Player’s Championship, only Robbie McCarthy advanced to a R48 7 final from the qualifier
  • Jonathan Iglesias’ streak of five consecutive qualifier wins was ended at the R48 7 Memorial (Beall), while Abraham Montijo’s streak of five consecutive qualifier wins ended at five at the R48 7 Houston (Langmack)
  • Marcos Chavez (Atlanta), Peter Funchion (Tucson), Robbie McCarthy (Tucson), Diarmaid Nash (Montana), Emmett Peixoto (Las Vegas, Houston), Shorty Ruiz (Houston), and Dave Munson (Houston), Vic Perez (NYAC), and Patrick Funchion (NYAC) (11 of 56: 20%)
  • Three qualifiers advanced to the round of 8 in Houston (Peixoto, Ruiz, Munson)
  • Emmett Peixoto dropped out of the R48 Elite 8 after the R48 7 Tucson for the first time since November of 2012
  • Sean Lenning and Diarmaid Nash played the longest third game in R48 history at the ’18 Red Death Montana (19-17)

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