R48 #3 Lucho Cordova Holds Court at the SERC

Posted on Apr 5 2019 - 4:17am by DV

San Francisco, CA, WPH Press, 4/5/19- Fresh off his sensational R48 8 Olympic Club semifinal thriller with Killian Carroll, R48 #3 Lucho Cordova hosted an instructional clinic followed by exhibition doubles matches at the renowned South End Rowing Club.

The handball-crazed South End Rowing Club was thrilled to have a chance to learn from and watch the Juarez legend, as Lucho provided in depth tutorials on improving handball skills for all levels of players.

“The clinic was really great,” declared Lucho. “There were about 15 players, ranging from juniors, women’s players, and masters. We went over the return of serve, off-hand mechanics, and the back wall game.”

“The clinic was lots of fun,” barked San Francisco based handball fanatic Tom Kent.

Following the clinics, Lucho took on all comers in doubles on the famed SERC exhibition court. Lucho shared the court with Olympic Club R48 pros Erik Torres and Loren Collado, as well as Bay Area phenom Jesse Ward, Jay Grenfell, and Joe Tierney. Despite playing a grueling two-hour classic with Carroll just three days prior, Lucho still managed to win all of the games.

“It was great to meet Jesse,” stated Lucho. “He’s real quick and gets a lot of balls back.”

Lucho is not only one of the game’s best and most popular players, but also one of the game’s top ambassadors and coaches. Thank you for growing the game Lucho!

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

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