Pro Handball

IMG_1089WPH Small Ball 4 Wall Professional Handball Tour, the Race4Eight, is entering it’s 5th season.  Get rankings for women, seniors, elite pros, plus schedules, wrap ups and more.  Read HERE>

WPH Big Ball 3 Wall Outdoor Hemborg Ford Cup is heading into it’s 5th year and you can participate.  Not only big ball, but small ball 3 wall, 1 wall small & big ball too!  Tournament entry forms, schedules, event wraps and rankings are HERE>

The History of Handball page is packed full of goodies and is an ongoing work in progress.  Originally this “Member’s-only” feature was just too good to hide from the public.  National championship holders, hall of fame members and more, HERE>

The Players who play this game get featured from time-to-time.  In fact, the WPH creates on-going interviews and features.  Now, you have a home for all of those stories, HERE>


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