Outdoor Season Begins and Ends in Vegas: May 29th-31st

Posted on Apr 5 2015 - 12:34pm by DV
vegas1.jpgWPH Outdoor, Big Ball 3W Cup Series Continues, but with a new twist- Singes and Doubles now apart of the Rankings! Play with the same partner, play with a different one…no problem! Your points will be individually awarded for your singles and doubles play (Women and Men) in our quest to find the BEST 3 Wall Big Ball Player Alive!

The Vegas LTE event returns to the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino with a Sin City Shootout (light) LTE stop; where .50-.75 points (from a possible 1.00) will be awarded May 29-31st in Las Vegas.

* Special Hotel Rates (Follow Tabs on r2sports)
* Part of the WPH Cup Series
* Season Finale also at the Stratosphere Hotel (Main Parking Lot Courts) Sept 24th-27th (HERE)

Tournament Director, Dave Vincent, will be on site filming, reffing, and running the desk. Info? vincent@wphlive.tv
Questions? wph@race4eight.com
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