Message From Jake Plummer: Youth Handball Clinic

Posted on Jan 25 2016 - 11:01am by DV

image4To All:

We had a great turnout at the Louisville Rec center on December 28th for three one hour youth handball clinics. The first clinic was full of ten inspired 3rd-5th graders eager to learn a new sport! We moved quickly from the basics of throwing to playing short court for a very productive hour long clinic. Beware you old guys, myself included, there were a couple kids in this group with potential.

Our next group consisted of middle schoolers and they were impressive. They were able to master the off hand throw and some even looked better with their off hands then their dominant hands. We practiced hitting the ball with both hands and progressed to tossing it off the front wall while they got into position, stepped into the swing and ripped the ball back with great consistency. We ended the clinic with some inspiring rallies and a group of excited kids.

Our last clinic was for the older kids, 9th through 12th grade. What started out slow ended with a bang as we held some short court rallies and then some full court battles. These older kids picked everything up quickly including a few back wall gets and really enjoyed the full court rallies, with a real deal handball, no white ace for these warriors.

Overall, I was impressed with all participants eagerness to learn a new and very difficult sport. I had more than one ask me ,”when can we do this again” and my response was “soon”!

Thank you Jesse Degraw for setting this up and alerting all the kids and parents about the handball clinic.

Thank you Dave Vincent and the WPH, for supporting youth handball and continuing to help keep handball alive.

Thank you Bob Hickman, for bringing your box of gear and also giving each attendee a big ball to continue playing, you do wonders for this sport by helping keep it alive across Colorado.

Thanks also to Mark Hammond, Brett Nickal, Don and Nick Gavit and Stan Wolpoff for all your instruction and extra bits of handball wisdom for these young and new handball players.

All in the name of #theperfectgame

Jake Plummer