Memory Monday with Suz Entzeroth

Posted on Aug 8 2020 - 11:30am by DV

WPH Press, 8/3/20

The WPH is thrilled to present Memory Mondays (video) during the ongoing handball quarantine, featuring your favorite Race 4 Eight pros discussing their favorite handball memories, who inspired them to become a Race 4 Eight pro, their favorite tournament and the best player they’ve ever played. You won’t dread Monday mornings any longer!

Suz Entzeroth is known as The Missouri Dynamo (TMD) for her relentlessness and unrivaled focus. TMD is one of the WR48’s most dynamic players, forcing all of her opponents to play their best to beat her. Suz is a student of the game, having taken lessons from the late great David Chapman and continuously studying the techniques and strategies of today’s top players. Entzeroth is one of the tour’s heroes, serving in the military to preserve our freedom. TMD is a fan favorite everywhere she plays, a testament to her great attitude and enthusiasm. 

This week, former WR48Pro Finalist, Suz Entzeroth:

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