Martina McMahon, Pro Player Profile

Posted on Mar 5 2015 - 5:19pm by DV

MARTINA MCMAHON one wall finalPro Player: Martina McMahon
Hometown: Broadford
County: Limerick, Ireland
Date of Birth: 03 Feb 1995
School: University Limerick (UL)
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Coach: Pat Murphy, Broadford HC

Southpaw? Yes, I’ma Leftie
Height:  5’9″
Favorite Food: Caesar Salad or anything Italian
Favorite Handball Player: Paul Brady! A legend!
Favorite Sports Hero: Muhammad Ali- love his ‘never give up’ attitude
Favorite Quote: From Rocky ” It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward,  how much you can take and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done!
Who sits at your table if you only had 8 chairs? My Granny (RIP), Paul Brady, Simon Cowell, Muhammad Ali, Ronaldo, Conor McGregor, Katie Taylor & Albert Einstein!

List of wins: 2014 Ladies Open One Wall Big Ball Title v Lorraine Havern.

Higher Education College Wins:
2013  Irish Collegiate Handball Association (ICHA) 40×20 B team All Ireland Champions – University Limerick
2014  ICHA 40×20 Womens A Singles All Ireland Champion– representing UL
2014  ICHA 40×20 Womens Open Doubles All Ireland Champions with Catriona Casey – representing UL
2014  USHA National Collegiates Womens Open 4-wall Doubles Champions- with Catriona Casey – UL
2015 ICHA 40×20 Womens Open  Singles All Ireland Runner-up – representing UL

Martina McMahon Pic B 40x20Club Wins:
2013 Intermediate 60×30 Ladies Singles All Ireland, Munster & County Limerick championship winner
2013 Intermediate 60×30 Ladies Doubles All Ireland, Munster & Co Limerick championship winner with Sarah Flavin, Cappagh HC
2013  Adult 40×20 Nationals Ladies 23 & Under Winner
2014 Junior 40×20 Ladies Singles All Ireland, Munster & Co Limerick championship winner
2014 Junior 40×20 Ladies Doubles All Ireland, Munster & Co Limerick championship winner with Sarah Flavin, Cappagh HC
2014  Junior Nationals Girls 19 & Under Winner

2014  US National 4-Wall Championships Womens Open Doubles Winner with Catriona Casey
2014  Irish One-Wall Nationals Ladies Open Champion
2014 Senior 60×30 Ladies Senior Singles All-Ireland & Munster Championship Runner-up

2012  World Championships  – Ireland Ladies B 40×20 Singles World Title Winner
2012  World Championships  – Ireland Ladies B One-Wall Singles World Title Winner
2012 World Championships – U17 Girls Singles Runner-up

Why Handball? Why not! I play because it’s enjoyable. It challenges you- you use both hands, develop lightening fast reactions, quick thinking and makes you very independent! You can play with & against men and women. You get to travel internationally and finally, as it’s a minority sport, you get to know everyone in your “handball family.”

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