Lenning Makes Incredible Comeback: A Remix, by Jeff Kastner

Posted on Feb 27 2018 - 4:47am by DV

It’s been a good week and a half since the Vegas Miracle, but handball fans are still talking about one of the most rare comebacks we have seen in our sport in some years.

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Down 0-9 in the breaker, at the Royal Flush Bob Harris Open, going to 15 against handball’s biggest foe, Killian Carroll (#1), Sean Lenning flips a switch and doesn’t look back. Scoring 15 points in less than 11 minutes to not only wake up Vegas, but win the gold!

Video created by Jeff Kastner (WPH); filmed by Kastner, Lowenstein w/help from Manning, Gurrad, and announcers Dave ‘n Dave.

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Next up?  Houston March 8-11, 2018 as Lenning looks to make it two in a row!  Details, HERE>