Junior WPH Shines in 2014: Portfolio Recap

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2014 Junior WPH Clinics and Programs:

  1. Junior WPH Goodyear, AZ Clinic and Fun Day
  2. TRC Showdown and Junior WPH Clinic Benefitting Junior WPH
  3. Junior WPH Houston R48 Clinic
  4. Junior WPH UK Singles Clinic
  5. Junior WPH After School Program at Khalsa Montessori School
  6. Junior WPH Juarez Clinic
  7. Junior WPH Weekly P.E. Classes at Khalsa Montessori School
  8. Junior WPH Outdoor 3-Wall Clinics
  9. Junior WPH New York Athletic Club Clinic
  10. Junior WPH Pro Showdown and junior clinics
  11. Junior WPH Denver R48 Clinics
  12. Junior WPH Saturday Clinics at the Tucson Racquet Club
  13. Junior WPH Modesto Clinic
  14. Junior WPH junior handball clinic at the 2nd WPH-Outdoor Big Ball 3 Wall Nationwide Challenge, by JR WPH & EDTL Handball
  15. Junior WPH Big Ball 3-Wall Junior Nationals
  16. Junior WPH Tucson Racquet Club Summer Camp
  17. Junior WPH Calgary Summer Handball Camp
  18. Junior WPH Jr. Vasquez Clinic
  19. Junior WPH Women’s Shootout Benefit
  20. Junior WPH RFC V Junior Benefit Junior Tournament
  21. Junior WPH Clinic at the WPH/WOR 3 Wall World Championships
  22. Junior WPH University of Arizona Clinics
  23. Junior WPH After School Clinics
  24. Junior WPH at the Jake Plummer Bash
  25. Junior WPH at the FLF Salute to Kids
  26. Junior WPH at Tucson R48 Clinic
  27. WPH University of West Florida Argonauts Classic and Collegiate Clinic
  28. Junior WPH Benefit at RFC 6
  29. Junior WPH at the USHA 4-Wall Junior Nationals
  30. Junior WPH Fun Day

2014 Junior Clinics and Recaps

1aJunior WPH Goodyear, AZ Clinic and Fun Day (January 2014): Certified WPH Coaches headed 100 miles west from the WPH’s Tucson headquarters to teach a junior clinic in Goodyear, AZ, just outside of Phoenix. Over 20 junior handball players from Tucson and the Phoenix area were treated to world-class handball instruction, skills competitions, games and lunch. The WPH sponsored afternoon enabled youngsters from different handball groups to meet and develop friendships. “We are so grateful that the WPH came to Goodyear for this clinic,” revealed Goodyear youth handball director Sam Ortega. “My group had never been exposed to this type of coaching and they loved it.”

TRC Showdown and Junior WPH Clinic Benefitting Junior WPH (January 2014): The WPH proudly organized junior clinics and three exhibition matches between top eight WPH elite players Luis Moreno, Sean Lenning and David Fink. Juniors participated in a clinic before the elite matches and were treated to front row seats to watch three of the world’s best compete and raise money for Junior WPH. Fans purchased blocks to coincide with the scores of the matches at halftime and at the end of the match and all proceeds went towards Junior WPH. “It was great to be a part of this event,” revealed Fink. “Everyone had a great time and the energy from the juniors and handball fans was electric. We also discovered a blueprint to raise money for junior handball that can be used in virtually any handball club in the world.”

2aJunior WPH Houston R48 Clinic (January 2014): WPH Youth Donor and Development Director David Fink teamed with former WPH #1 Allan Garner to teach a junior clinic for youngsters between the ages of 6-19 at the WPH R48 III Houston event. The youngsters participated in cross-training exercises and had the opportunity to watch Allan Garner demonstrate his sensational back wall technique. “The kids had a great time learning and listening to the advice from the WPH professionals,” revealed Leticia Martinez, mother of two of the clinic participants. “My children’s interest in the sport was reinforced by the event and they developed a better understanding for the game.”

3aJunior WPH UK Singles Clinic (February 2014): Junior WPH headed to London, England for an international version of the Junior WPH Clinic. Vlad Klym and Luke Thomson led a 1-Wall big ball clinic for over 50 youngsters from England and other parts of Europe, stressing the importance of footwork and fun. The juniors also competed in a junior tournament, thrilling galleries with precocious play and exciting matches. “The juniors relished the opportunity to learn from the best,” revealed WPH UK Singles tournament director and European handball pioneer Daniel Grant. “The coaches were an inspiration to the juniors and the juniors could be seen practicing what they had learned for the rest of the day.”

4aJunior WPH After School Program at Khalsa Montessori School (Winter and Spring 2014): Junior WPH held a weekly after school program at Khalsa Montessori School, the premiere charter school in southeast Arizona with one of the best two-court 1-Wall facilities in the country. Khalsa after school participants were introduced to the importance of cardiovascular health, nutrition and staying physically active. Those lessons were reinforced with cross-training drills, nutrition education and handball drills and games. “The kids had a great time in the Khalsa after school program and really looked forward to the class every week,” revealed WPH Youth Donor and Development Director David Fink. “The enthusiasm of the kids led to rapid improvement in their handball games.”

Junior WPH Juarez Clinic (February 2014): WPH Certified Coach Luis Cordova led a junior handball in Juarez, Mexico for eight junior handball players. Cordova is a living legend in Juarez, having won multiple junior national titles and earning an Elite 8 WPH ranking in the first Race 4 Eight season. Cordova focused on the underhand swing and the warm-up during the highly successful junior clinic that was held in conjunction with the WPH Torneo de Handball event. “I am thrilled that I was able to teach the juniors some of the skills that I’ve learned in my 10 years of playing handball,” stated Cordova. “The WPH has so many good players teaching the fundamentals to the kids,” stated WPH big ball 3-Wall pro and WPH Torneo de Handball participant Manny “Razzle” Sanchez. “I love seeing the WPH mentoring the next generation of handball players and ensuring a bright future to our growing sport.”

Junior WPH Weekly P.E. Classes at Khalsa Montessori School (Winter and Spring 2014): WPH Certified Coaches teamed with CrossFit Kids Certified Coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Kevin Nichols at Khalsa Montessori School’s weekly P.E. Classes to teach handball and strength-building exercises. The 30 youngsters were split into groups of 15 with one group playing handball and the other group working on conditioning with Coach Kevin. “The WPH was extremely fortunate to have worked with Coach Kevin,” stated WPH Youth Donor and Development Director David Fink. “Coach Kevin’s skills parallel Junior WPH’s lessons and the partnership was extremely beneficial for both.”

5aJunior WPH Outdoor 3-Wall Clinics (Winter and Spring 2014): Junior WPH held multiple clinics per week at Pima Community College’s pristine 3-Wall courts in Tucson. WPH Coaches enthusiastically led the juniors in various aspects of junior handball development, focusing on fundamentals, fun and camaraderie. “The winters in Tucson are so pleasant that being outside is ideal at any time of the day,” revealed WPH Youth Donor and Development Director David Fink. “I believe that learning to play outside has become a lost art for youngsters and the Pima weekly clinics provided that opportunity for dozens of junior handballers.”

Junior WPH New York Athletic Club Clinic (March 2014): WPH Certified Coaches led a large group of passionate young handballers in a spirited clinic at the famed New York Athletic Club in conjunction with the WPH Race 4 Eight III stop at the NYAC. The junior handball players had the opportunity to learn handball skills from several of the game’s best female players and watch the world’s best from court-side after the clinic.

6aJunior WPH Elite Showdown and junior clinics (March 2014): Living legend and four-time reigning world champion Paul Brady traveled to Tucson to continue his preparations for the Race 4 Eight III season and teamed with Race 4 Eight Elite 8 Pro and Master WPH Instructor Emmett Peixoto in staging clinics for several dozen awestruck junior handball players. Brady and Peixoto also played exhibition matches for packed galleries and the junior handball stars. “Emmett and Paul were incredible with the kids, teaching them proper hitting motions and offering tons of encouragement,” stated WPH Executive Director David Vincent. “Big thanks to Paul and Emmett and all of the Tucson handball community that supported and donated to the event and to Junior WPH.”

7aJunior WPH Denver R48 Clinics (March 2014): Junior WPH held one of its most successful Race stop clinics at Denver’s Race 4 Eight III event. Junior handball players were split into two groups on two courts and were led by Certified WPH Coaches Anthony Selestow and Jonathan Iglesias. The certified coaches led the juniors in a high-energy and fast-paced clinic culminating in an a “Play the Pro” competition in which the juniors were able to play singles and doubles points against two of the game’s best players. “I really love being able to give back to the game and show some of the kids how to improve their games,” declared Iglesias. “I have been fortunate enough to have been coached by some of the greatest coaches in the game and being able to pass that knowledge onto the next generation is very rewarding.”

Junior WPH Saturday Clinics at the Tucson Racquet Club (April 2014): Certified WPH Instructors led youngsters in handball clinics every Saturday during the winter and spring in 4-Wall handball clinics at the Tucson Racquet Club. Many of the youngsters had played handball throughout the summer at the Junior WPH Tucson Racquet Club Summer Camp daily handball clinics and looked forward to having the opportunity to play each week. “I love what handball does for kids,” boasted Tucson legend and TRC Summer Camp director Coach Anderson. “Handball forces kids to move and use both hands and not many sports do that. Junior WPH runs an incredible program and they really know how to make the game fun for the kids.”

Junior WPH Modesto Clinic (May 2014): Junior WPH Master Instructor Emmett Peixoto hosted a sensational a junior handball clinic in Modesto, CA for 25 enthusiastic junior handball players. Coach Peixoto introduced handball drills and games that have helped him to rise to the top of the sport, while allowing him maintain his unquenchable passion for the sport. Junior WPH has been extremely active in Northern California’s junior handball hotbed, hosting clinics in Concord, San Francisco and Modesto

8aJunior WPH junior handball clinic at the 2nd WPH-Outdoor Big Ball 3 Wall Nationwide Challenge, by JR WPH & EDTL Handball (Cup Stop #3):

WPH Player’s Cup elite players Samzon Hernandez, Ricky Ruiz, Timbo Gonzalez, Sal Duenas and Mando Ortiz, as well as Race 4 Eight pros David Fink, Aoife McCarthy and Catriona Casey served as coaches for an enthusiastic group of nearly 30 junior handball players during the Junior WPH clinic at the 2nd WPH-Outdoor Big Ball 3 Wall Nationwide Challenge, by JR WPH & EDTL Handball in La Mirada, CA.

The juniors received instruction from the elite pros on the two-wall serve, the kill shot and the return of serve and were then able to play doubles points with and against the game’s best players. The juniors soaked in all of the lessons and were eager to try the shots in their upcoming tournament matches. “I learned the side-front kill and to take the ball before it bounces on the return of serve,” boasted one of the juniors.

9aJunior WPH Big Ball 3-Wall Junior Nationals, by Junior WPH & EDTL Handball:

Junior WPH and EDTL Handball were thrilled to have hosted 80 juniors under the age of 20 in the most prestigious junior 3-Wall tournament in handball at La Mirada Park in La Mirada, CA. Juniors played alongside their 3-Wall heroes, including Juan Santos, Samzon Hernandez, Timbo Gonzalez and Alfredo Morales. “Our group is making a conscious effort to bring more players into the game,” declared WPH Executive Director Dave Vincent. “By including the elite players with the juniors at the same events, we are confident that the juniors will continue to love the game and strive to be the best players they can be.”

10aJunior WPH Tucson Racquet Club Summer Camp (Summer 2014): In the most ambitious junior handball initiative in the country, the WPH taught handball to over 600 youngsters between the ages of 7-16 every day for 10 weeks at the Tucson Racquet Club Summer Camp. Junior WPH worked with up to 16 different kids every 45 minutes on two courts, as well as organizing skills competitions and tournaments at the end of each three-week camp session.

Master Instructors David Fink, Aoife McCarthy and Catriona Casey and WPH Rookie’s Coach Tanner Cleveland made a positive impression on every student with whom they instructed, with many of the youngsters asking how they could continue playing handball when the summer camp ends. “We cannot ask for a better situation to introduce the game of handball than the Tucson Racquet Club Summer Camp,” declared WPH Development Director David Fink. “The TRC Summer Camp is one of the most well-run and organized summer camps in the country and the kids are incredibly enthusiastic and eager to learn to play handball.”

11aJunior WPH Calgary Summer Handball Camp hosted by John Bike:

Hall of Famer and WPH Certified Coach John Bike inspired an enthusiastic group of junior handballers at the Junior WPH Calgary Summer Handball Camp in the Great White North. Coach Bike stressed the fundamentals, while incorporating cross-training activities and other sports to improve footwork and conditioning.

“The kids really enjoyed the sessions,” bellowed Coach Bike. “There are a couple of nine-year olds that can really play! We played mostly 4-Wall and ended the with a great day at the 3-Wall courts.”

Junior WPH Jr. Vasquez Clinic in Los Angeles, CA:

Junior WPH proudly hosted a junior handball clinic at the Jr. Vasquez California State 3-Wall Doubles Championship. WPH Player’s Cup elite stars and WPH Coaches Sal Duenas and Samzon Hernandez instructed the junior clinic at the famed Jr. Vasquez event for the second consecutive year.

“Junior WPH growth and development is second to none,” barked Duenas. “I am honored to help the juniors improve their games. The kids were taught the importance of stretching, run through drills and played doubles points with Samzon and I.”

Junior WPH Women’s Shootout Benefit

Junior WPH hosted its first ever Women’s Shootout Benefit event to raise money for Junior WPH and the growth of the game in Tucson, AZ. WPH Women’s Race 4 Eight stars Catriona Casey, Tracy Davis and Aoife McCarthy played one another in an exciting one game to 21 round robin format. Casey won the first ever Junior WPH Women’s Shootout with dominating victories over Aoife McCarthy and Tracy Davis. The ladies also hosted junior handball clinics before the “Shootout,” inspiring young men and young women to play handball.

Junior WPH RFC V Junior Benefit Junior Tournament (August 2014): Junior WPH traveled to Pittsburgh, PA for a mid summer junior handball tournament in the Steel City. The WPH has sponsored several events in Pittsburgh, including six RFC tournaments and the 2013 Thanksgiving Junior WPH Clinic and Blind Draw Doubles. Each of the juniors played a minimum of five matches during the RFC V, competing in the Open Singles, “A” Singles, Junior Singles and Mixed Doubles. “I had a really great time and I really hope to come back for the next event,” declared RFC V Junior Champion Sam Sottosanti III. Toronto’s 13-year old prodigy Ivan Burgos was awarded the RFC Sportsmanship Award for his exemplary enthusiasm, effort and sportsmanship throughout the RFC V.

13aJunior WPH Clinic at the WPH/WOR 3 Wall World Championships (September 2014): Junior WPH traveled to Las Vegas to host a junior handball clinic on the famed 3-Wall courts at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino during the 2014 WPH/WOR 3-Wall Ball World Championships. 20 young people had the opportunity to shine under Las Vegas’ spotlight as they learned the secrets to becoming the next generation of handball stars. Led by Junior WPH coaches David Fink, Aoife McCarthy, Sal Duenas and Shorty Ruiz, the first time handball players smiled throughout the two-hour session, as they enthusiastically learned the fundamentals of handball. “The handball clinic was absolutely fantastic and the youngsters loved every minute of it,” declared co-WPH/WOR 3-Wall Ball World Championships tournament director Hank Marcus

Junior WPH University of Arizona Clinics (Fall and Winter 2014): Junior WPH continued its weekly clinics at the University of Arizona during the fall semester at the University of Arizona Rec Center. Arizona college students dramatically improved their fitness while learning handball fundamentals from Certified WPH Coaches. The University of Arizona college handball players also incorporated competition into their semester of handball, competing in a University of Arizona WPH college handball tournament

15aJunior WPH After School Clinics (Fall and Winter 2014): Junior WPH hosted bi-weekly after school handball clinics in Tucson for the second consecutive year. Certified WPH Coaches served as mentors and role models to junior handball players, while educating the youngsters on the importance of being physically active, respecting themselves and their peers, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and competing with integrity

Junior WPH Clinic at the Jake Plummer Bash (October 2014): Junior WPH and Jake Plummer were thrilled to present a sensational junior handball clinic at the Plummer Helluva Family Bash 6. #3 ranked WPH pro Naty Alvarado Jr. joined NFL legend and Plummer Bash host Jake Plummer in introducing the game to several enthusiastic youngsters in a spectacular junior handball clinic.

“Jake loves teaching kids and has a ton of energy and attention for them,” stated Alvarado. “The nervousness these kids have in the beginning of the clinic is quite pure, but once the kids start hitting the ball, that anxiousness dissipates and they really relish the challenge. I learned a lot from the kids and thoroughly enjoyed myself and I look forward to coaching more Junior WPH clinics in the future.”

16aJunior WPH at the FLF Salute to Kids (October 2014): Junior WPH co-sponsored the Fred Lewis Foundation’s “Salute to Kids” junior handball tournament, highlighting the tremendous junior handball growth in Southern Arizona. Over 40 youngsters under the age of 18 had the opportunity to play in several divisions, many playing in their first ever tournament. “I am so proud of the Junior WPH program,” stated Junior WPH Coach Tanner Cleveland. “Our kids were so excited to play in their first tournament and were able to gain so much experience while making new friends.”

Junior WPH Tucson Race 4 Eight Clinic and Skills Shootout (November 2014): The Race 4 Eight returned to the home of the World Players of Handball in Tucson, AZ for the Junior WPH Benefit Race 4 Eight IV Stop #2 and featured a junior clinic and junior skills competition for all of the junior players entered and in attendance at event. Juniors were provided with tips to improve their skills and competed for prizes in various skills competition, including lowest shot, hit the target, and fastest shot.

WPH University of West Florida Argonauts Classic and Collegiate Clinic (November 2014): The WPH returned to Pensacola, FL and the home of the University of West Florida handball team to coach junior and collegiate handball clinics for the second consecutive year. “We loved having the WPH at our inaugural event last year and we were even more excited welcome the WPH back this year,” revealed UWF handball president Michael Morgan.

Junior WPH RFC 6 (November 2014): Junior WPH returned to Pittsburgh, PA to host the RFC 6 junior handball benefit tournament and junior handball clinics. WPH Development Director David Fink raised donations through WPH memberships, while providing youngsters in Pittsburgh with the opportunity to watch several of the world’s greatest handball players

Junior WPH at the USHA 4-Wall Junior Nationals (December 2014): Junior WPH coached junior handball clinics and supported one of the country’s oldest junior handball tournaments at the USHA 4-Wall Junior Nationals in Tucson, AZ. Junior WPH helped to fundraise for the event by hosting adult clinics in advance of the tournament, donating all proceeds from the clinics to assist in junior travel and expenses for the USHA 4-Wall Junior Nationals. WPH Master Instructor David Fink teamed with WPH R48 pros Sean Lenning and Abe Montijo in coaching a clinic for 16 of the junior handball players in the USHA 4-Wall Junior Nationals

Junior WPH Fun Day in Pinetop, AZ (December 2014): Junior WPH traveled to Pinetop, AZ for an WPH “Fun Day,” treating locals and first-time junior handball players to an exhibition between WPH Race 4 Eight pros David Fink and Sean Lenning, coaching an instructional clinic for first-time junior players, and playing points with new and lifetime handball players.

The Mission of the World Players of Handball:

The mission of the World Players of Handball is to introduce young people to the game of handball to incorporate an active lifestyle, a sense of teamwork and competition, community spirit, camaraderie, mental focus and physical health. The World Players of Handball employs sports enthusiasts who serve as mentors to inspire young people to develop character, integrity, sportsmanship, and the value of hard work, while always adopting the “service before self” mentality. The World Players of Handball embraces diversity by providing opportunities for both boys and girls of all backgrounds to harness their similarities and differences to clarify, improve, and boost perceptions, build on uniqueness, and encourage people to learn from one another in a supportive and dynamic environment. Incorporating diversity as a key objective allows the World Players of Handball to achieve its purpose, goals, and core values

The Goals of The World Players of Handball

The World Players of Handball is a nonprofit 501c3 institution aiming to incorporate an enduring healthy and active lifestyle in young people in a structured and diverse environment to combat juvenile crime, underage drinking, high school dropout, childhood obesity, childhood sedentary lifestyles, childhood bullying, and childhood neglect by mentoring children through discipline, caring, competition, and emphasizing the importance of education and making the right choices. The Presidential Council on Physical Fitness has consistently recognized handball as being the number one activity for burning calories and building cardiovascular and muscular strength, ahead of jogging, swimming and hundreds of other sports and physical activities. Handball also requires its players to use both sides of their bodies and minds, improving not only their hand eye coordination, but also their analytical and logical thinking. Children playing handball consistently have experienced dramatic improvements in their grades and connection to their communities. Handball provides the ultimate calorie and strength building exercise that, unlike the majority of sports, can be played for a lifetime. Handball also provides the opportunity for competition, which has been proven to raise self-esteem, build community and school connections, decrease juvenile crime, and increase diversity.

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