JR WPH Clinic at the ’18 WPH/E4 Torneo

Posted on Jun 19 2018 - 11:57am by DV

Juarez, Mex, WPH Press, 6/19/18 JR WPH was thrilled to host an outstanding junior handball clinic at the 2018 WPH/E4 Torneo de Handball, featuring more than a dozen junior handball players coached by several of the Race 4 Eight’s Elite on the second weekend in June.

Race 4 Eight stars Luis Cordova, Daniel Cordova, Sean Lenning, Mando Ortiz, Shorty Ruiz, Dr. Ashley Moler and JR WPH Juarez Head Handball Coach and 2017 JR WPH Coach of the Year Drft Fernandez led the clinic for the enthusiastic youngsters, focusing on proper form to hit the ball, effective beginner serves, and first-strike kill shots following a good serve. “We first had the kids throwing the ball and explained how the throwing motion should be the same as the motion when you hit the ball,” stated R48 #6 and 2017 & 2018 Torneo de Handball champion Lucho Cordova. “The clinic was really fun and the kids loved it. After the instruction the pros signed autographs for the youngsters, mingled, and played cross court two-bounce. At next year’s Torneo de Handball, we are going to try to incorporate a JR/Pro doubles to give the kids the opportunity to play with and against the pros.”

Thank you to Luis and Daniel Cordova, Sean Lenning, Mando Ortiz, Shorty Ruiz, and Dr. Ashley moler for giving the youngsters the thrill of a lifetime in sharing the court and learning from the world’s best players. Thank you to AreLee Cano de Cordova for the pictures. Special thanks to JR WPH Juarez coach Drft Fernandez for inspiring the youngsters on a daily basis, organizing clinics, traveling with the youngsters to tournaments, and everything Drft does to make the JR WPH Juarez junior handball program one of the best junior handball programs in the world.

Photos courtesy of AreLee Cano de Cordova

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