Hemborg Ford Cup Stop #4 – Junior WPH 3 Wall Big Ball Cal State Championships

Posted on Jul 25 2015 - 5:50am by DV
2015 Junior WPH Cal State 3 Wall Big Ball Showdown
& WPH Outdoor Hemborg Ford Cup Stop #4 – August 28th -30th, Marina Park (Wheeler) in Huntington Beach, California
(Anyone can win the state championship [even out-of-towners] ~ Eye guards are mandatory!!!)
backpackOnline entry here:  www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=14402
***All Junior Division Winners will Receive Cool Back2School Backpacks W/School Supplies plus Medals & Awards
The final regular season stop in the Hemborg Ford Cup Series (3 Wall Big Ball) brings another twist and some new exciting features:
  • Junior 3 Wall Big Ball (Sat/Sun only) Singles and Doubles – State Championship Title, Trophy & pro player clinics and instructional – Only $5 entry for first event!!! Pre-registration required for top seeds; morning of registration for all other juniors.  Please make a tax-deductible donation to the WPH Foundation to help offset costs (Trophies, Shirts, Gear, etc) @ fink@juniorhandball.org.  Juniors will receive multiple rounds of play.
  • A (Pro) & B (Men and Women) 3 Wall Big Ball (Fri/Sat/Sun) Singles, as part of the Hemborg Ford Cup Series #4 – State Championship Title, Trophy & Cash. Play for adults begin @ 4pm on Friday
  • 40+ / 50+ 3 Wall Big Ball Singles (Sat/Sun) – State Championship Trophy & Title
  • A (Pro) & B 3 Wall Big Ball Doubles (Sat/Sun only) – with Trophy & Limited Cash – Special Qualifiers for this division being offered (Four stop locations beginning Aug 1st).  See Tom Flores for details on how to enter:  flores@wphoutdoor.org

What is WPH Outdoor?


Big Ball 3 Wall Singles State Title Divisions:  A (Pro), B, 40+, 50+, Women’s A (Pro), Women’s B, 21U, 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U, 10U, 8U (Girls juniors encouraged to play in all junior divisions offered)
Big Ball 3 Wall Doubles State Title Divisions:  18U, 15U, 12U, A Men (pro), B Men
RULES: (All lines are in except the short line on the serve)
All Big Ball 3 Wall Singles (Adults):  15, 15, 11 (Rally Scoring). Win by one – No Two Wall Serves – One serve only (no second serves)
All Big Ball 3 Wall Junior Divisions:  One game to 21 (No Rally), with drop-downs. No two wall serves.  In doubles, both doubles partners can serve.
Big Ball 3 Wall A & B Doubles:  15, 15, 11 (Rally Scoring). Win by one – No Two Wall Serves – One serve only (no second serves); both partners can serve.  Server and partner must be in the server’s box at the time of serve

Friday:  3Wall Big Ball Men’s & Women’s A & B Singles, 40+ and 50+ Singles
Saturday:  3 Wall Big Ball Doubles, All Junior Big Ball Divisions begin; all 3 Wall Big Ball Singles Continue
Sunday:  All divisions wrap up
Questions?  Email us:  info@wphlive.tv

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