Chasing Down El Gato: Exclusive Patreon Interview

Posted on May 30 2020 - 9:00am by DV

By now you have learned of; a service for WPH supporters to gather unique handball-related posts not seen by the general public.  Well, this past couple weeks, we have highlighted Naty “El Gato” Alvarado in a four-part interview series and Patreon members are soaking them up!

Here’s another excerpt from that interview:

WPH:  Who was your greatest rival during your pro tour career and why?

El Gato:  My greatest rival was without a doubt my teacher, Fred Lewis. Fred was the biggest influence in my life. He was the person that made me improve the most. Because of Fred I developed my ceiling and passing game. Fred was the reason I practiced so much and got in the best shape I could. I knew that whenever I had to play him I was going to do most of the running.

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