Emmett Peixoto – Pro Bio

Posted on Oct 12 2016 - 3:53am by DV

emmett-peixotoAge: 10/15/1982

Height: 5’10”

Hometown: Watsonville, CA

Strong hand: Right

Home court: The Olympic Club

Favorite athlete: David Chapman

Favorite pre-match music: ERock

Current Race 4 Eight Ranking: #6

Highest Race 4 Eight Ranking: #2 (March ’14)

Best Race 4 Eight Finish: Two-time R48 finalist (Denver ’14, San Francisco ’15)

Strengths: speed, consistency, strong off-hand (left), tenacity, strategy

Summary: Emmett Peixoto has been one of the sport’s top players for the past 15 years and has consistently contended for the game’s biggest prizes. Known as “The Rock,” Peixoto is a throw back player in a predominately offensive era of pro handball, willing to rally, use the ceiling, and drive his opponents to the back court before seizing his offensive opportunities. Each Race 4 Eight pro knows he will need to bring his running shoes and hardhat to play “The Rock” because win or lose, Peixoto will take his opponents on a tour of the court and make every match a battle of skills and attrition