DF’s Top 10 Moments at the 2015 3WallBall Championships

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  1. 12038528_10153686097518799_8149803783962310536_nSantos vs. Samzon: 3-Wall Big Ball’s greatest rivalry produced the most exciting match in the history of WPH Outdoor, as the Hemborg Cup (Player of the Year) came down to one point at 11-11 in the tiebreaker. Not only did the pair produce the best and most exciting match in WPH Outdoor history, but arguably one of the most exciting matches in sports history


  1. Moreno vs. Ortiz: Mando Ortiz and Luis Moreno always seem to play razor-close matches, and their small ball semifinal in Vegas was no exception. Trading the first two games at 12-10, Moreno seemed to have seized control of the match at 11-6 in the third game. Ortiz scored four straight and appeared to be on the verge of the comeback victory, but Moreno fought off a great serve and ended the match with a tremendous kill


  1. 10636819_10153679770918799_3212357132612902337_oJunior Clinics + Junior Tournament: The 2015 3WallBall Championships featured more junior clinics and junior participants than any previous 3WallBall Championships. The junior players inspired throughout the weekend with their impressive handball skills, tremendous sportsmanship, and willingness to become better players


  1. Combining Racquetball, Handball, and Paddle Ball on ESPN: All three courts sports were featured on ESPN throughout the three-day ESPN broadcast, with the top players and fans from each sport gaining an appreciation and respect for the other sport’s skills and players


  1. 11731687_10153686098858799_2131241574739015139_oSandy Ng Wins the Women’s 3-Wall Doubles for the 6th Straight Year: Perhaps the most underrated player in handball, all Sandy Ng does when she comes to Vegas is win. Ng captured her sixth straight Women’s 3WallBall Doubles Title (five with Tracy Davis) in defeating Tanisha Grromes and Danielle Daskalakis


  1. Men’s 1-Wall Big Ball Doubles Final: Played just after the ESPN broadcast concluded, Kadeem Bush, Carlos Pena, Tywan Cook, and Carlos Pena staged a classic on the 1-Wall court, battling for nearly 90-minutes in a thrilling 21-19 conclusion won by Bush and Pena


  1. Military Salute: The Saturday night tradition at the 3WallBall Championships is always touching and emotional, as the Military Racquetball Federation (here) honored assisted Wounded Warriors who have given their lives and health to defending our country and providing us with the freedom we are fortunate to enjoy. Thank you to the Warriors and to the MRF for all they do to provide opportunities for Wounded Warriors to play racquetball, find jobs, and transition back to everyday life


  1. IMG_9636Rocky Carson winning his 6th 3-Wall 3WallBall Doubles (racquetball): Rocky Carson is the consummate professional and gentleman and the best outdoor racquetball player in the past two decades. Carson won his 6th 3WallBall Pro Doubles, while serving as an ambassador and leader to the world of outdoor racquetball


  1. Samzon vs. Fredo: In a rematch of two WPH Outdoor matches won by Morales earlier this summer, Hernandez and Morales staged a thriller in the 3WallBall semifinals. Morales took game one and stood just three points from clinching her third straight win over “The Machine” at 9-9 in game two. Hernandez summoned his inner-champion, holding off Morales late in game two and outlasting “El Hombre” in the third game to advance to the final


  1. 12059916_10153551527205519_621916585_o (1)3WallBall Dance Party: The video speaks for itself. What a party! Click here


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