Dave & Dave Episode Thirteen: Jake Plummer

Posted on Jan 18 2017 - 5:50pm by DV

Originally Aired LIVE, Friday the 13th Morning, January, 2017- Dave & Dave had a skip and a hop to their gait as they busted through the WPHLiveTV studio doors early Friday morning, “I’ve done land’d me a big time interview,” one said.  “Jake Plummer is on Skype!”  Jake Plummer, former NFL Quarterback for the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals before that, is hosting a WPH Race4Eight Professional Handball Tour stop in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and today he talks to #teamrace about this star-studded weekend.

“Wut da heck is Skype!?”  Ah, forget it!

Dave Vincent & David Fink, now on iTunes and Tunein Radio w/the D&D Handball SportsCast chat with Jake Plummer about virtually everything in this off-limits and unfiltered discussion. This rare one-hour interview with handball’s greatest ambassador covers everything from the x’s and o’s of an NFL offense to Jake’s favorite memories from the first seven Plummer Bash’s ..and everything in between. If you love handball and you love the NFL, this is a can’t miss treat from a guy who was once regarded as one of the best on Sundays.


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For all of the information on the upcoming Plummer Bash 8 January 20th-22nd, go here

Watching handball this weekend is pending the Internet Speeds at the host facility.  WPH may LiveStream via WPH Facebook Pages and/or upload videos at a later time/date.  These matches will not air on ESPN.


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