3WallBall Outdoor Worlds – Deadline Now – #TeamR48 Members 3rd Fee Free

Posted on Sep 15 2015 - 7:27am by DV

IMG_7310-1024x682WPH #TeamR48 Members w/Player’s Card #Numbers:  This is for you…

Deadline to Enter, September 17th!!
The 2015 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships, and 1 Wall International Challenge is just around the corner (September 24th-27th ~ Las Vegas, Nevada) and the entry remains open until September 17th.  This handball, racquetball and paddleball tournament combines all three sports and brings together the best players in the game.  From handball’s Juan Santos, Timothy Gonzalez, Tywan Cook, Tracy Davis, Sean Lenning, Robert Sostre, Danielle Daskalakis, Luis Moreno, Samzon Hernandez and Tanisha Groomes to Racquetball’s Rocky Carson, Cliff Swain, Ronda Rajish, Alvaro Beltran, Paola Longoria and Daniel De La Rosa, to Paddleball’s Todd Entikin, Brian Pineda, Emmett Coe and so many more!  In fact, the latter names will be crossing over and playing multiple sports, as will hundreds. So Can You!
Entry deadline is September 17th.
ESPN1PNG.png_clipped_rev_1-1024x516This event will be filmed live by the WPH Live TV crew for ESPN from the Stratosphere Hotel for all three sports!
Hotel discount code blocks will be gone soon, so reserve right now, before the block goes away (use the tabs on the r2sports page for hotel discount codes, as the Stratosphere’s furthest hotel room from the tournament desk is less than 90 seconds apart)!
charcoleab#TeamR48 WPH Members (WPH Player’s Card Holders):  Flip over your membership card.  There is a five to six-digit number.  Purchase your entry into this event between now and September 17th, 2015, at 10pm Pacific.  Then, contact the WPH at info@wphlive.tv w/your membership number and we will pay for either your third or fourth division fee. Please also list the division you want for FREE in your email. This promotion is for NEW VEGAS SIGN-UPS ONLY, for those with a current WPH MEMBERSHIP number.  You can purchase your membership card in advance (you have to be a member of the WPH to participate in the 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships anyway, why not pay now?) here> There are multiple membership levels; so pick the one that suits you best.
Online Entry HERE>

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