2019 Hayden Handball 3-Wall Classic

Posted on Nov 12 2019 - 12:57pm by DV

Written by Chris Hogan, Carl Hayden High School Head Handball Coach-

Phoenix, AZ, WPH Press, 11/12/19-

The 2019 Hayden 3-Wall Small Ball and Big Ball Handball Classic featured 32 participants on the second weekend in November, featuring Carl Hayden High School players, ASU collegiate players, and a number of the top players in the Southwest. The Hayden Handball Classic produced some excellent big ball play by some of our local Phoenix players.  “Their athleticism and ability to hit kill shots was so impressive, they had our handball courts sizzling,” exclaimed Coach Hogan. “If I could bottle their skill set, I’d be rich by dinner.”

“The small ball final went to a tiebreaker, with the new ASU coach Zach Gault edging Phoenix’s David Munoz,” stated Coach Hogan. “By watching their volleys and selfishness to give up a point, I found myself losing 10 pounds from their effort.  What a wonderful final!!”

“The tournament on was great,” stated JR WPH ASU Coach Zach Gault. “I had fun, played pretty good.  I was able to outlast David Munoz in the third game.  My fitness is getting where I want it, I just need more court time.”

“The big ball and small ball play was really good,” stated Coach Hogan. “It’s amazing to see good rallies and how the high level players can play without the back wall. I think it really enhances movement and anticipation.”

  • Big Ball Finals: 1st Place: Ruben Cruz,  2nd Place: Albert Tabares;  
  • Big Ball C/D Finals: 1st Place: Henry Hernandez (Hayden),  2nd Place: Lorenzo Medrano (Hayden)
  • Small Ball Finals: 1st Place: Zack Gaust (ASU),  2nd Place: David Munoz (Hayden ’07 Alumni)

“The Carl Hayden Handball Club wants to thank the ASU Handball Club for coordinating 2019 Hayden Handball Classic with our Carl Hayden Handball Club,” stated Coach Hogan. “We especially want to thank Don Stewart for executing our event so everything went smoothly.  Moreover, we want to thank all who participated in this year’s event, we appreciate your competitiveness and support of our program.  We also want to thank our financial supports for their generous donations – from Don Stewart, Jim Reitmyer, Peter & Josephine Dominguez.  Finally, we want to thank Success for Kids, especially Jerry Bernard, for providing breakfast and lunch for our tournament, the USHA, especially Matt Krueger, for insuring our event, and Mr. Garcia for hosting another successful Car Show. We want to thank everybody involved in our event and hope you will continue to support and encourage our players and program.”

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