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**Created in May of 2017; Revised July 27th after the Cancellation of the US Open



Welcome to the 2017/18 Race 4 Eight Season 7 of the professional indoor 4 wall handball tour, administered by the World Players of Handball (aka WPH, aka WPHLiveTV). We at the WPH truly appreciate your dedication to our organization and to the growth of the sport of handball.

As always, the WPH staff, board of directors, and members are constantly seeking to improve the playing experience for the fans, broadcast viewers, sponsors, advertisers, hosts, players and ESPN, to name just a few.  As we do each season, we survey players and viewers with hopes of making each year better for all involved (i.e. rules, sites, player expectations, sponsor relations, staff expectations, referee responsibilities, scoring formats et al).   This past season was no different.  Please note, our goals are to expose and expand the game of handball; not hurt the integrity of the game or harm the fabric of the sport. 

Your participation and feedback is welcomed…

Please read the full 2017-2018 R48Pro Code of Conduct & Guidelines (Below). Once there, you will find similar details and explanations from previous years, plus additional updates and some subtle changes, if any. 

You should note:  All players who participate in our events are doing so under the condition that this document has been read and agreed to.

General Questions:  info@wphlive.tv


WPHLiveTV Executive Director:  David Vincent – Vincent@wphlive.tv

JR WPH Donor & Development Director:  David Fink – Fink@race4eight.com

WPH Board of Directors:  weplayhandball@gmail.com

How it works:

Locations that select approved non-conflictive handball dates; that have high-speed Internet service; that support the WPH mission; and that meet the financial sanction fee requirements are eligible for a Race4Eight Professional Tour stop.  WPH does not collect entry fees at any tour stop location; rather, is paid a sanction fee by the hosts.  Besides receiving all entry fee money, the host can also raise revenue through webcast advertising, sponsorships, seat sales, raffles, donations and more!  WPH raises all filming costs and prize money separately and seeks donors and investors who are willing to give back to the game during this mass media marketing opportunity.  The WPH is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Foundation. Please do consider hosting, volunteering and donating.  We need you:  info@wphlive.tv


2017/18 Race4Eight Pro Handball Tour


#1  October 6-8, 2017 – Peach Tree Open/Ron Cook Memorial, Atlanta, GA – (Men’s qualifier Friday @ 9am, Men’s Elite Rd 16 Friday @ 1pm) – Not to be aired on ESPN!


#2 November 10-12, 2017 – Tucson Memorial, Tucson, AZ – (Men’s qualifier Friday @ 9am, Men’s Elite Rd 16 Friday @ 1pm, Women’s Pro Friday 3pm)

       December – Off – Happy Holidays!

#3 January 26-28, 2018 – Red Death, Missoula, Montana – (Men’s qualifier Friday @ 9am, Men’s Elite Rd 16 Friday @ 1pm)

#4 February 9-11, 2018 – Las Vegas Royal Flush, Las Vegas, Nevada – (Men’s qualifier Friday @ 9am, Men’s Elite Rd 16 Friday @ 1pm, Women’s Pro Friday after 4pm, Sr 40+ Pro Friday @ 4pm)

#5 March 9-11, 2018 – USHA National Master Doubles, Houston, Texas – (Men’s qualifier Friday @ 9am, Men’s Elite Rd 16 Friday @ 1pm, Sr 40+ Pro Friday @ 4pm * Sr48pro to use USHA Red 21)

#6 April 12-15, 2018 – NYAC Spring Invitational, NYAC. New York, New York – (Men’s qualifier Thursday @ 12pm, Men’s Elite Rd 16 Friday @ 1pm, Women’s Pro Friday @ 9am, ) – Not to be aired on ESPN!

#7  May 4-6, 2018 – Salt Lake City Aces, Sports Mall, Salt Lake City, Utah – (Men’s qualifier Thursday @ 6pm, Men’s Elite Rd 16 Friday @ 1pm, Women’s Pro Friday @ 4pm, Sr 40+ Pro Friday @ 6pm)


2017-2018 Race 4 Eight Pro Player Agreement

The WPH recognizes that success of professional handball depends largely on public respect for and approval of those associated with the game. The Race 4 Eight tour is an incredible opportunity for handball to gain a widespread audience, attract sponsors, and inspire the next generation of players. To accomplish those goals, the WPH staff, WPH board of directors, and elite players, must form a partnership working toward the same goals. Both the WPH and the Players must serve as ambassadors to the sport at all times, with the aim of growing the game, always serving as the objective. The expectations of the WPH and the elite players are extremely high, and each person involved with organizing and participating in the event are expected to assist in growing the game as a team.

In exchange for participating in a Race 4 Eight event and accepting prize money, invites and travel incentives, all pro players must agree to support the WPH by following “The Player’s Agreement” below (the 2017/18 season is a new one and some code items have been altered. Allowable codes from the past season may not be allowed in the upcoming season.  Please read carefully):

  1. Coaching junior clinics- The WPH believes that clinics for junior players, as part of each tournament and outside of tournaments, are desirable and that the voluntary participation of the elite player is essential.
  2. Refereeing- During each tournament, all players are expected to referee after a loss and are expected to volunteer to referee one additional time.
  3. Appearance- Players will dress appropriately for matches, which includes wearing WPH approved clothing during all filmed matches. Sponsored players can wear their sponsored gear w/WPH logo attached. See the WPH for clarification.
  4. WPH fundraising- The R48 is supported solely by donations and membership support. The voluntarily assistance of players, when asked, is appreciated and needed.
  5. Non-WPH events- When participating in non-WPH events the WPH requests that players;
    1. Alert WPH to event so you and the event can be promoted and reported @ wphlive.tv, plus social media pages & email blasts
    2. Wear WPH & sponsor apparel
    3. Represent the WPH R48 by supporting the WPH Mission and promoting the game
  6. Fitness- Player will not be invited into the Elite 8 with a preexisting injury that precludes quality effort. Take the initiative and be transparent; while seeking proper medical advice.
  7. WPH tournament sponsor relations- Every WPH tournament requires considerable investment of money and time by tournament organizers, sponsors, and admins. It’s a requirement that all players attend sponsor-driven functions (Dinners, VIP Parties, etc.). Thanking sponsors w/hand-written cards, post event and shaking hands is standard.
  8. WPH staff support- The WPH staff at each tournament relies on help and voluntary assistance such as working shifts at the tournament desk; selling memberships and WPH gear, as well as assigning courts and referees. Assisting in these areas is greatly appreciated and needed. Please Help!
  9. Webcast support- The tournaments are broadcast on ESPN or WPHLiveTV by the WPH broadcast team and cooperation of the players by participating in interviews and assisting in commentary is needed and appreciated. Each Qualified and Elite Player must volunteer w/booth time at each event.
  10. Tournament demeanor- WPH staff and players will act and perform in accordance with the host club and WPH Rules.

In-match Coaching- Coaching is permitted before and after the match; during official 60-second timeouts and between games. Coaching is not permitted during towel timeouts, equipment timeouts, player/referee discussions, 30-second timeouts, or any other non-official timeout (i.e. during play). Coaching violations could result in technical point penalties, removal of coach from the gallery, or forfeiture from the event for the player and coach. Coaches are asked to be respectful of the opposing player, and should not be heard giving instructions or requesting appeals at any point during a match. Penalties will be left to the discretion of the referee and/or tournament referee. Hearing a coaching yelling or screaming demands during a match will not be acceptable.

Stalling– The referee has a responsibility to ensure that players play within the accordance of the rules, as the rules pertain to injury timeouts, equipment timeouts, wiping the floor and the 10-second rule. The referee must know the rules and how to apply the rules in these situations, including Rule 3.5 A Players Code: a presumptive code of integrity and honesty, including fairly to represent injuries in the application of Rule 4.10.C, as well as applying technical point penalties for excessive stalling, when necessary. See the 2017-2018 R48 Code and Guidelines for further explanations on stalling

*Some of the activities above are voluntary and some are requirements and in the past, have been honored by the majority of the WPH players. These activities are not intended to overly burden the players but are designed to make each tournament successful.

By accepting your invitation to play in a Race 4 Eight event, you agree to these terms. If any member of the team does not perform the tournament duties listed in a positive and enthusiastic manner, that member will not be invited to the next event and will be only allowed to participate in future events by having a request to be reinstated approved by the full WPH board of directors.

The decision to not invite an otherwise eligible player to a tournament will not be made lightly by the WPH board of directors based upon recommendations by tournament observers. Examples of violations, which are severe enough to result in non-invites are, but not limited to, refusal to referee after a loss, refusal to wear WPH approved gear, refusal to attend sponsor or WPH tournament function (i.e. Blind Draw Ceremony, VIP Banquet, etc.) and behavior which is offensive to sponsors, staff, players or viewers, to name just a few.

Invitations to future events will depend not only on the rankings, but also on the willingness and passion of all of our team members to grow the game and perform the duties listed above. Staff members, volunteers and organizers will be held to the same standard.

If you have any questions regarding the agreement or any grievances, concerns, or suggestions, please email the full WPH BOD at info@wphlive.tv and the WPH Board of Directors will address the concerns or comments.

This document has been approved by the WPH Executive Committee and is transmitted by Fred Banfield, Charlie Charvoz, Doug Clark, Steve Soto & Jeff Healam.

R48Pro, WR48 and SR48: Rules, Prize Money, Bonus Money

Below are the rules for the R48Pro, WR48 and SR48 tours, to include scoring formats, prize money payouts, bonus money payouts, player invites, appropriate on-court gear, memberships, ranking points breakdown, R2 tournament information, refereeing, draws, clinics and more.


ALL PRO GUIDELINES:  Universally Shared Policies for ALL WPH Players

  • The WPH Player’s Agreement is in affect for qualifiers, pro men, seniors and elite women, plus all divisions that offer prize money. It’s the player’s responsibility to contact the WPH requesting a copy of the agreement before every event (Separate document associated with this code, but not to be confused with this file).  Not agreeing to or ignoring this document will result in a forfeiture of ranking points, cash prizes and ability to continue the tour; All Players may be sent a survey following each event by the WPH Rules Committee to assess his/her compliance with the WPH Player Agreement; This survey will be reviewed by WPH committee(s).  WPH Rules apply only to WPH Sanctioned events, and will not apply at ranked events outside of WPH sanctioning, in some cases.  See the WPH for clarifications.
  • Those that follow the Player’s Agreement and this document may be selected to play at the next stop; WPH will use the rankings as a guideline for invites, but will not automatically select a top invite off of the rankings alone; WPH will invite the top four women and senior 40+ players, plus top eight men (known as, the Elite Eight) from one stop to the next. The Player’s Agreement will highlight the terms of the invite and pact and shall remain private between the player and WPH
  • The top 4 Ranked Senior 40+ and Women’s Elite, plus top 8 ranked men’s pros, from the R48 7 regular season (post New York ‘18) of 2017/18 will be given housing accommodations and free entry into the Player’s Championship; contingent on being compliant with the WPH Player Agreement; qualifiers will be added to the main draw after the qualifying process in Salt Lake and players outside of the invited ones are encouraged to participate. A non-invited player could gain enough ranking points to catch up and pass an invited player; thus receiving bonus money, ranking points and more! Please join us and play.
  • All players must be a member of the WPH, holding an active Player’s Card, prior to their first match of the event in order to qualify for prize money & ranking points. A player w/out a current membership before their first match will be allowed to play, but will not receive cash & prizes; it’s the player’s responsibility to communicate with the WPH; Player’s Cards will be sold at the venue for $20 or on line at thehandballstore.com.
  • If you are competing in the main draw, you must fill out the name/information ledger prior to your first tournament match. Players in the main draw will not be permitted on the court for their first match until the ledger is completed. Checks will be handed out on Sunday morning by WPH staff or mailed w/in 14 days to those who filled out ledgers. Players who do not fill out ledgers will not receive prize money.  It’s up to the player to be proactive regarding the ledger.  Ask the WPH for a ledger now and keep on file.
  • All WPH Race4Eight Stops can be accessed on r2sports.com; to include information regarding the format, schedule, divisions, prize money, entry fees, hotel and sponsor info, to name just a few. Please use your tabs on that page to access the info.  Still having questions?  Contact the WPH at info@wphlive.tv.
  • By playing in a WPH event you agree that your image will be captured and used LIVE or for future playback; whether still or motion cameras (video) and shared on social media publicly and possibly even on major TV networks. All broadcast rights are either owned by or shared with the WPH, ESPN & their sponsors and affiliates.
  • WPH encourages you to recognize sponsors on clothing or apparel by adding approved logos on WPH Jerseys or vice versa. Questions as to what constitutes an official WPH Jersey, please email well in advance of your event (three-week min. notice). If you need more official WPH Jerseys, please visit com. Please send your logos to the WPH prior to the season’s first event (one month before the deadline) and in high resolution format.  Wearing sponsor-only attire may result in no prize payments or ranking points and is a direct violation of the Player’s Agreement for that event; Each player in question must contact the WPH for clarification.  Sponsors are encouraged!
  • The WPH will take all measures possible to avoid repeat round of 16 (and 8) matchups throughout the season, with a possibility that a repeat matchup could occur; particularly late in the season. WPH will seed all events for men, seniors, women and qualifiers, when available, as follows:  Top pros will be placed into the draw and drawn one week prior to the event. #1 and #2 will be placed on the top and bottom of the draw, respectively. #3 and #4 will be randomly drawn (flip of a coin), #’s 5-8 will be randomly drawn out of a hat.  WPH blind draws will be recorded and transparent for prosperity.  No WPH employee, that is also in the draw, will be a part of the seeding or blind-draw behind closed doors.  Only WPH Player-Employees allowed to perform blind draws will be doing so openly and transparent in public (i.e. pro qualifier blind draw “out of a hat” process in front of peers).
  • If your bracket includes a qualifier… WPH will draw up to eight qualifiers into the main draw with alternating drawing methods; w/qualifier names being drawn out of a hat randomly using traditional blind draw, reverse blind draw, etc. When available, this process will be put onto video for authenticity. Please ask WPH officials how your next stop will be seeded: info@wphlive.tv.
  • Ranking points breakdown per event: 1st: 10, 2nd: 8, tie 3rd: 6, 5th: 4 points, 6th: 3.5 points, tie 7th: 3 points, 9th: 2 points, 10th: 1.5 points, tie 11th: 1 point, 13th: .5/.4/.3/.2 points, *17th: 0.1 (17th if court space and availability) See the WPH for clarification. The 2017-2018 R48Pro VII season will allocate the same amount of points for every race stop; no double points; Note: a player may win a round to receive payment/prize money/ranking points – a “bye” is not considered a win.  A player who forfeits or is disqualified from a match may not receive points or cash.
  • All WPH brackets (SR40+, Women, Qualifiers & Elite Men) will be awarded a 4 minute break between games; all main draw scoring will sync at 15-15-15, win by two; qualifier scoring remains at one game to 25, win by two.
  • Players are responsible for checking the draw sheets on site and @ R2sports to map out their scheduled playoff and main court matches; if TV matches are to be played (ESPN), then the player cannot reschedule without asking and being granted approval by D. Vincent. ESPN demands no more than five minutes of dead air time during their full broadcast schedule block and has agreed to film handball if the WPH can provide continuous feeds of the sport with no breaks in action.  For this document purpose, all matches will conclude on Sunday at 2pm.  Booking travel after 3pm is considered standard practice.  In 2017/18, the WPH will make no physical changes to the schedule at the player’s expense (loss of prize money, ranking points, etc.).  If a player forfeits a final or ESPN match due to a flight or early departure from the club/venue, then that player will not be invited to the next tour stop and/or beyond (we hope you the very best during your vacation, however).
  • There will be no third-place playoff for Elite Men (Salt Lake City excluded) unless specified; Players are not forced to play a playoff match unless on the ESPN calendar; otherwise, a playoff forfeit will not be scrutinized if it is announced and verified by D. Vincent immediately after that player’s last played match; a player who doesn’t announce their forfeit and no-shows will lose ranking points and prizes for that event. WPH does encourage play and remains hopeful all players play out all matches for sponsors and fans; First round and second round main bracket losers will be entered into two brackets; playing for 5th and 9th
  • Paid referees for R48pro, SR48pro & WR8pro matches will receive $20 per main draw match ($30 if the match is LIVE on ESPN). Main Bracket Playoff matches bring no fee unless it is aired on ESPN.  Refs are paid $30 for the final of Men’s, Senior & Elite Women.  In all cases, players who referee will contact the WPH within 14 days of the match they reff’d w/an invoice requesting payment that includes:  Player’s Name, Social Security Number, Address, Email Address and total amount due.  Player shall also list the match(es) reff’d, round of play, opponents, and whether it was ESPN filmed.  WPH will pay the player w/in two weeks following the invoice approval.  After two weeks’ time, the WPH will consider the tournament closed. Unpaid matches will be viewed as donations (TY in advance).  Please ask the WPH for a sample invoice. 
  • All WPH Players are asked to referee one match in their entered bracket not including any required reffing duties after a loss, if any. Losers must referee the next match on the court in which he/she just lost or find a suitable replacement, then contact WPH directors to confirm; a player will forfeit ranking points or prize money in that event if this request is not followed.  Ref’s who lost and are forced to ref the next match will get reimbursed (see above).  All losing players who must ref next will have no more than 10 minutes given from the conclusion of their match to the start play.  *A player must ref within their own bracket
  • The WPH will offer junior/collegiate clinics at all R48 stops, unless specified. Players will be asked to coach up to two clinics per season, as a part of the WPH mission and Player’s Agreement. Additionally, the WPH may offer Adult/Elite clinics, when available, in which adult players make donations to Junior WPH to be coached by a top pro (Women/SR/Men). Pros can get paid for these adult clinics; Please ask the WPH Director near you for your next coaching opportunity and please help the WPH mission by growing this game
  • All players will take the initiative to visit the broadcast booth, when available, before or after their match. Please approach the broadcast table to either enter the booth or get your clearance; failure to visit will result in ranking points, prizes and a breach in the Player’s Agreement.  Please help the WPH grow the game of handball – your fans want to hear from you.  It’s recommended that each player contact the WPH after the draws are announced to schedule their time with the booth.
  • All pros, qualifiers; Women’s Elite & Senior 40+ players are expected to attend sponsor-driven functions, dinners and gatherings. Please identify those that have put effort forward to make the event possible and thank them for their service; we strongly encourage you to email and hand-write thank you letters to all sponsors and volunteers involved.  Contact the WPH if you need these key people pointed out and/or their addresses
  • Incentives, airfare, hotels, entry fees and cash considerations, also known as, Player Travel Money, can be granted in some form, after player agreement evaluations, based on the player’s previous tournament’s PA score. Out of good faith, the top 4 Elite Women & SR 40+ -and- Elite Eight Men will have their first event entry fee paid by the WPH at the 2017 Race Stop #1 (R48: Atlanta, WR48: Tucson, SR48: Las Vegas)).  All Elite Players must contact the WPH one month before the entry deadline to receive this special beginning of the year bonus



  • Power Rankings are a 12-month rolling system ranking the R48Pro’s best five of seven events (following R48 7 Atlanta ’17) and combined with player compliance to the WPH Player Agreement, will be used for invites and seeding. Events will be immediately removed after 12 months, and replaced by the most recent version of the event. If an event is not held in the next year, that event will be removed and may not be replaced. See WPH officials for more…
  • Current ranked events leading into the 2017/18 R48Pro Tour: U.S. Open ‘16, Minnesota ‘16, Plummer ’17, New Orleans ‘17, Houston ‘17, New York ‘17, and Salt Lake City ’17; Upcoming ranked events to start Season Seven: (Elite Men): Atlanta ’17, Tucson ’17, Montana ‘18, Las Vegas ‘18, Houston ’18, New York ’18 & Salt Lake City ‘18
  • The qualifier is open to the first 32 to enter, unless otherwise posted, on a first come first serve basis. WPH may increase the qualifier to allow 46 or more players; likewise, there may be less than 32 also offered. All qualifier matches are on Friday morning at 9am except New York. New York’s qualifier will begin Thursday after 4pm
  • The qualifiers will play down to the final eight w/just the qualifier winners advancing; unless previously stated.  WPH may alter qualifier formats depending on the numbers of players in the event (Ie.  32 players equal 8 brackets of four w/each bracket yielding one qualifier winner –or- 16 total players equal 4 brackets of four bringing two qualifiers from each bracket, et al).  WPH will determine the format after the entry deadline
  • Qualifiers that lose may be placed into a 17thPlace Playoff.  Matches (when court space is available) will be one game to 21, win by two, halftime at 11 (two minutes), no timeouts. 17th Place Matches will start on Friday and will award 0.1 R48 ranking points. *see the WPH
  • All qualifier and Playoff matches are one game to 25, 4-minute halftime at 15 and win by two. Player who served first to start the qualifier will be returning the serve after halftime
  • All main draw matches (Sr 40+, Women and Elite Men) are 15-15-15 win by two, two 60-second timeouts per game, one 30-second timeout per game, four minutes between games.
  • R48 VII Round of 16 Draw formats: Atlanta: Traditional Seeding/no blind draw(due to US Open Cancellation), Tucson, Blind Draw, Montana (qualifiers choose their opponent), Las Vegas: Throwback Blind Draw (top four ranked qualifiers choose from the 5-8 pros, bottom four ranked qualifiers choose from the 1-4 pros), Houston: Elite 8 choice (elite 8 choose their qualifier opponents), NYAC: Blind draw, Salt Lake City (draw done by the rankings, as in the R48 Player’s Championship V and VII: Reverse Blind Draw). *In special Reverse/Elite 8 choice/Throwback draws, players will not be able to choose a player he has already played in the first round. If conflicts cannot be avoided, a coin flip could decide the opponents
  • Elite Men Regular Stop & Player Championship Payouts: 1st:   $4,000; 2nd: $2,000; 3rd/4th: $1,500/$1,500; 5th: $1000; 6th: $900; 7th/8th: $800/$800; 9th-16th: $350 or more; 17th: $100
  • Elite 8 Bonus monies to be awarded to the approved final eight ranked pro men post Salt Lake ’18: 1st:  $7,500; 2nd:  $5,000; 3rd:  $4,000; 4th: $3,500; 5th: $3,000; 6th: $2,500; 7th: $2,250; 8th: $2,000. In case of a tie in final points, the WPH will first look at in-season head-to-head matchups; if a tie still occurs, the WPH will pool the player’s bonus winnings and then divide equally between the two players.  In all cases, bonus money will come to only those that are ranked in the final eight after the season’s conclusion and to those in attendance who played at least one full round at the Player’s Championship; to those that comply with the Player’s Agreement; within two weeks of receiving the Player Survey. *If multiple players tie for a top eight bonuses and if any of these players occupied a non-top-8-ranking prior to the Player’s Championship, the WPH will pool monies after first projecting payouts, before calculating the final bonus. See WPH for clarification.
  • WPH Elite Men & Qualifiers will use the R48Pro Handball thru 2017/18R48Pro Season VII


  • The Power Rankings are a 12-month rolling system that rank all the SR events. This season, events will be immediately removed after 12 months, and replaced by the most recent version of the event. If an event is not held, that event will be removed. Season Seven will use the results from these season 6 stops:  US Open ’16, NYC ’17, and SLC ‘17 – Counting new results for Vegas ’18, NYC ’18 & SLC ’18
  • All main draw matches are best of three games, all to 15, win by two in all games, plus a four-minute break between games. Playoffs matches are one game to 25, halftime at 15 w/4 min break, win by two, three timeouts per match; player who serves to start the match will return serve to start the second half. See the WPH…
  • All SR48 matches will be played with the R48Pro Ball; w/Houston ’18 as the exception
  • Senior 40+ Payouts (Vegas ’18, Houston ’18, Salt Lake City ’18): 1st: $1,250; 2nd:  $750; 3rd:  $500; Possible Additional Payouts or reductions depending on the numbers of players in the draw.  Note:  a player must win a round to receive payment – a “bye” is not a win. 
  • Senior 40+ Year-ending Bonus: 1st: $2,500, 2nd: $1,500, 3rd:  $1,000 4th:  $750; must be present and play one round at the Player’s Championship to receive bonus money; while agreeing to and following the Player’s Agreement.  Payouts may increase or decrease based on participation and may pay down to 5th.  See WPH officials for details. Players in the SR48 must be 40 years of age or older in the year of the tournament



  • The Power Rankings are on a 12-month rolling system that rank all the WR events. This season, events will be immediately removed after 12 months, and replaced by the most recent version of the event. If an event is not held, that event shall be removed. Entering the WR48 2017-2018 season, pro women will use these season 6 results:  US Open ’16, NYC ’17, and SLC ‘17 – Counting new results for Tucson ’17, Vegas ’18, NYC ’18 & SLC ’18
  • All main draw WR48 matches are best of three, 15-15-15, win by two in all games
  • All WR48 matches will be played with the Red 21 ball
  • All Playoff matches (unless stated prior) will be one game to 25, four-minute halftime at 15, win by two, three 60-second TO’s per player; player who serves first to start the match will return the serve after halftime. As with the men, Non-TV Playoffs will not have a referee in most cases and could be placed (like the men) on side or back courts
  • Elite Women Payouts (Tucson ’17, Las Vegas ’18, NYAC ’18, Salt Lake City ’18): 1st: $1,250; 2nd:  $750; 3rd:  $500; Possible Additional Payouts depending on the numbers of players in the draw. Note: a player must win a round to receive payment – a “bye” is not a win. 
  • Elite Women Season-ending Bonus: 1st: $2,500, 2nd: $1,500, 3rd:  $1,000 4th:  $750; must be present and play one round at the Player’s Championship to receive bonus money; while agreeing to and following the Player’s Agreement.  Payouts may increase or decrease based on participation and may even pay down to 5th or beyond depending on support.  See WPH…


2017-2018 Referee Guidelines + WPH Rules

To become a better referee and to learn interpretations of the rules, including video replay, equipment timeouts, how to deal with stalling, injury timeouts, floor wiping protocol, in-match coaching protocol, calling hinders and avoidable hinders, bad bounces, appeals, referee attire, how to suppress arguments, scoring formats and more, ask about [2017-2018 Referee Guidelines + WPH Rules] – Info@wphlive.tv