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Posted on May 16 2014 - 7:49am by DV

aaThe Tucson Memorial Handball Open was designed to honor and celebrate friends and family of the sport, that have passed, with hopes of highlighting their life achievements, archiving their legacies, and sharing their stories.

Handball is a very personal sport.  We play this game with our hands–striking a ball against a wall and repeating the motions in search of something that is hard to define.  There is not much gear involved or fancy clothing necessary.  We show up and play.  Some show up and become staples in the handball community.  …Characters.  …Jokesters. …Leaders.  Some show up, play and silently go home leaving us wondering who they are away from the game.

In all, over time, we find ourselves competing with our closest of friends.  This tournament (November, Tucson, Arizona) and web page is designed to honor and celebrate the lives of those that have come and gone; affecting our lives in the process.

Please visit for the online entry application, search for the November WPH Tucson Memorial and help us share the amazing stories from your fallen handball community members.

Send your personalized memorial, to be published on this page to: Info@wphlive.tvaaaaa

Please include:

  • Picture of deceased (multiple pictures welcomed)
  • Personalized Story (send as many as you want published) – (Fun inside stories that others may not have known are welcomed)
  • List of awards
  • Link to online memorial or announcement of passing
  • Your consent to publish

aaaaaaThe Tucson Memorial Handball open is not about the local community, it’s about the handball community honoring amazing people and preserving their lifelong memories after they have left us. Please help us celebrate by sharing this page, alerting us to those that have fallen, and passing along stories from our friends in the handball community.

-David Vincent, WPH Executive Director

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