X-Fest ’15 Singles Deadline June 10th (Wednesday) – Venice Beach 3Wall Small & Big Ball

Posted on Jun 9 2015 - 9:53am by DV

Tomorrow (June 10th) is the singles deadline for the Small Ball 3 Wall Venice Beach X-Fest Revolution that combines Big Ball 3 Wall to find the Xrossover Champion of Outdoor Handball.  Even if you have not played big ball, or vice versa, but specialize in one, you could win big cash (according to math calculations and predictions)!  WPH Outdoor will be paying down to the quarters.  *If you are playing in the four wall nationals you can enter and get ½ off the entry for Venice and if you are a paying Venice beach participant you will get your entry to the USHA 1 Wall Big Ball Nationals Comp’d (see Dave Vincent:  vincent@wphlive.tv).

Event Date:  June 19th-21st@ Venice Beach, CA, Rec Center

Deadline for singles:  June 10th (Wed), enter and get all info, HERE>

This is how it works…

All players will play small ball (beginning at 4pm on Friday) and will choose from Pro, A/B, 55+ and Women’s Pro (all bringing prize money).  If you enter one of those divisions in small ball, you will also be entered into the big ball division in the same class (ie  Men’s Pro small ball entrants will also play in the big ball pro men’s division; 55+ small ball men will also play in the 55+ big ball division, etc).  The WPH will rate each round you play in each code; awarding points for every win.  He/She with the most points on Sunday, will win the cash, title and trophy.  *This is also a Hemborg Ford 3WallBall Cup Series Stop for the men and women.

Men’s Pro Singles brings $3,000 for first, $1,500 for second; paying all the way to the quarters.  Top players include:

Sean Lenning (a small ball 3 and 4 wall specialist with multiple national championship trophies),

Robert Sostre (a legend …one of racquetball, handball and paddleball’s all-time greats.  The Iceman is already a crossover beast, but now he wants the official title),

Paul Brady (simply the greatest 4 wall player of his generation and a top 3 wall small ball player w/limited play),

Samzon Hernandez (has over 25 yellow jerseys in big ball 3 wall and has played small ball at a top level.  Can the Machine motor through Venice?),

Shorty Ruiz/Mando Ortiz/Marcos Chavez (all have won small ball 3 wall national doubles championships; all have excelled in big ball, with Ruiz having the highest ranking/records),

Ricardo Ruiz/Vic Perez/Sal Duenas/Gilberto Rosales (all have excelled at big ball and small ball and will place in the top eight unless challenged; Ruiz/Perez is a former 4 wall qualifier; while Rosales and Duenas have both played in qualifier finals),

Nik Nahorniak (our current Vegas 3WallBall Outdoor small ball singles champ.  He’s been playing big ball all summer to tune up for this X-fest!),

David Fink (formerly ranked #2 in the WPH Race4eight tour, but did you know that as a junior he won his age division in every handball code in every age division offered?  It’s true.  1, 3 and 4 wall expert),

Dane Szatkowski (3 wall and 4 wall small ball stand out with the brains to play top level big ball),

Timbo Gonzalez (you see his results from big ball, but do not realize he can also hit the small ball around …as seen in Vegas last year.  Timbo is a threat no matter which ball is used),

Juan Santos (the Naty Alvarado Jr of big ball 3 wall; smooth hands, incredible leverage.  The best 3 wall big ball player in the game! …but, can he play small ball?  We will find out!).

The women’s pro has a very unique blend of traditional small ball champions mixed in with traditional big ball players and those that are excelling in both.  For example, Tracy Davis, Jessica Gawley, Danielle Daskalakis, Sandy Ng, Aoife McCarthy, Ashley Moler and Catriona Casey have all held a ranking in 3 wall big ball and 4 wall small ball with the WPH and are certainly favored to win; however, Ciana Ni Churraoin, Tanisha Groomes (our current #1 big ball 3 wall player), Melissa Sky, Sabrina Zamora, Christy Ortiz, Kayla Jones, Amalia DeSardi and Karina Arias are incredible athletes who seem to do damage to every bracket they play in.  Expect fireworks!

If you are not a pro player, enter the A/B small ball and big ball class and if you are over 55, there is a division for you.  Bring the kids!  A special 1 Wall Big Ball event, with reduced entry fee on the 1 wall courts takes place on Sat/Sun, with clinics by Timbo Gonzalez, Dave Fink, Tracy Davis and pros on Friday morning and Saturday.  See David Fink for details:  fink@race4eight.com.  You can enter your junior player right now @ r2sports.com.

The singles entry deadline for this event is tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10th.  Junior 1 Wall players can sign up now, or at the event (Saturday morning) between 9am and 10am. Enter and get all the info you need, HERE>

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