www.juniorhandbal.org reports- Coach Tanner Rocks it in Tucson!

Posted on Mar 27 2015 - 4:46am by DV

IMG_48133/27/15, Press, www.juniorhandbal.org reports-  Junior WPH Coach Tanner Cleveland is on pace to coach over 300 junior handball clinics in 2015 throughout the Southwest. Coach Tanner coaches twice-weekly handball clinics at the Tucson Racquet club, and was hired to coach handball at Tucson Racquet Club’s All sports Summer Camp from the end of May through the end of July. Coach Tanner will coach five handball clinics per day for 10 weeks for over 600 kids between the ages of 7-15.

“If every city had a Coach Tanner, handball would be a massively popular sport for young people across the country,” stated WPH Development Director David Fink. “The kids really have a great time playing handball during every lesson with Coach Tanner, and each of the students is really improving from month to month.”  Read More, HERE>

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