WPHLiveTV/ESPN3 US Open Broadcast Schedule

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A Secondary Handball Video Feed Headlines This Year’s Mega-Event –  The Simple Green US Open of Handball & WPH Race4Eight Professional Handball Tour, Stop#1 (October 20-23), is powered by ESPN3 & the WatchESPN App!  Please Watch, Share and Support the game by forwarding this schedule along to your list of friends, post on social media and help us grow the game of handball.


The World Players of Handball & ESPN Film Crews will be in Fountain Valley, CA @ Los Caballeros Sports Village for Stop #1 of the Race4Eight Professional Indoor Handball Tour and the conclusion of the WPH Outdoor Season.  Both events will be aired LIVE on ESPN, as we honor the greatest handball player to ever live, Naty Alvarado Sr.  “The Naty Alvarado Classic, now called the US Open of Handball, is from the brain-trust of some of the best marketing people around, “Says WPH Executive Director, Dave Vincent.  “Simple Green Founder, Bruce Fabrizio, knows how to wrap himself around a project and just like the success of Simple Green, as a company, Bruce and his team take that same approach to this mega-event each year in Southern California.  It’s our delight to be apart of Naty Alvarado’s legacy and the promotion of handball alongside Bruce, his amazing team and Simple Green.”

Vincent doubles his time as the lead announcer on ESPN3’s LIVE broadcasts of Handball in 2016/17, as the WPH just signed another yearly contract with the World Wide Leader in Sports.  “We are fortunate to have a community that is eager to help us promote these events for a bigger stage; essentially building the audience for us by sharing, donating and helping as volunteers.  I highly doubt we could have ever pulled this off without the community of amazing handball people surrounding us.”  Vincent and the WPH Film Crew lead by Kris Gurrad, Jeff Kastner, & Linda Manning have begun work on this tournament months back to provide more innovative features for the viewer.  “It was Vincent’s idea,” claimed WPH Video Engineer & Camera Operator, Linda Manning.  “We tried to ignore him for a good week because we knew it would be ambitions [chuckling].  We will be adding a secondary camera set up outside to assure the outdoor players can tune into the show court while we are inside on ESPN and Vice Versa.  Vincent pushes the envelope and our team tries to push him back, but this time it’s gonna be a total delight for handball fans and we hope everyone enjoys the show.”

Kris Gurrad has developed a Secondary Video player and between ESPN and WPHLiveTV’s coverage, you should find the marquee match from the event and in crystal clear high definition.  Just find your match on the schedule and cross-check it with the R2sports Event page to verify and then visit www.race4eight.com to view.  The Brackets for this event will be located here>

All of the action will be at the bottom of the page at www.race4eight.com, and the broadcast schedule will be updated daily.

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