WPH Updated Rankings Post Juarez: Cordova Brothers Tied at #1

Posted on Apr 7 2024 - 2:11am by DV

The updated rankings post Juarez are now available and for the first time in WPH history two brothers are tied at the #1 spot! Luis and Daniel Cordova are tied in points at 46.60; however, brother Luis owns the head-to-head season match-up and will retain the #1 seed in Tucson at the next WPH Pro Stop (Hall of Fame) April 12th.

The Cordova Brothers cannot spent too much time basking in the sun, as Martin Mulkerrins is just a fraction of a point behind and a serious contender to end the season ranked #1.  Mulkerrins has 46.25 points on the season.

The race for 4th has heated up too, with Leo Canales, David Fink, Sean Lenning and Sam Esser all seperated by less than six total points.

If Killian Carroll ‘no-shows’ the Tucson pro stop, he will drop out of the top eight for the first time in YEARS.  Vic Perez is trying to return back into the elite eight and could make a case with a strong showing in Tucson next weekend.  Ivan Burgos could spoil the Perez leap with his own top performance in Tucson, as the Tucson-transplant-from-Canada could enter the top 8 with his own strong showing.

To see all of the men’s ranks click the image below:

Catriona Casey continues her dominance with a tour win in Juarez, Mexico.  For Casey it’s her 28th title.  Needless to say, Casey’s #1 position is not in jeopardy heading into Salt Lake City… and, in fact, has almost doubled the field in points.

Mikaila Esser has moved up in the rankings to the number two position after a season packed full of wins.  Esser has a 5-3 record against ranked women this season including Sunday’s Juarez win against Danielle Daskalakis.

Eilise McCrory (16.4 pts) has a legitimate chance of being the outright #2 ranked player, post Salt Lake, with Clodagh Munroe vying for that same rank (13.6 pts)

The full rankings are here:


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