WPH Shoots Instructional Videos for Development

Posted on Aug 9 2015 - 8:33am by DV

MD SwingPittsburgh, PA, WPH Press, 8/6/15- WPH Videographer and Diamond Digital Productions President Michael DelSardo and WPH Master Instructor David Fink spent the week filming, producing and editing WPH Instructional videos to be featured on broadcasts during the upcoming Race 4 Eight V Powered by ESPN season. After wrapping the shoot, Barton College’s senior starting second baseman and .457 slugger Michael DelSardo played handball for the first time, excelling with both hands within minutes.

“Michael’s outstanding hand-eye coordination enabled him to hit the ball extremely well with both hands in just his first on-court handball experience,” stated Fink. “If Michael continues to play I would expect his already impressive batting average to improve dramatically. Handball serves as the perfect cross-training exercise for virtually every sport, incorporating dexterity, hand-eye coordiantion, lateral movement and strategy.”

Thank you to Michael DelSardo and WPH video engineers Kris Gurrad and Jeff Kastner for engineering the series of instructional pieces that will debut on ESPN in the upcoming season. If you want to improve your serve, back wall kill, fly kill and much more, stay tuned to the Watch ESPN App throughout the R48 V season.

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