WPH Outdoor Stars Awarded at the ’17 3WB

Posted on Sep 26 2017 - 2:04pm by DV

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 9/26/17- The WPH was thrilled to honor the WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup champions and X-Fest champions at the 2017 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships. The WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup champion recognized the season-ending #1 men’s and women’s player on the 2017 WPH Outdoor 6 season. The X-Fest champion recognized the overall men’s and women’s champion at the 3WallBall Outdoor Championships, with the top men’s and women’s star earning X-Fest points in 1-Wall Small Ball, 1-Wall Big Ball, 3-Wall Small Ball, and 3-Wall Big Ball singles.

WPH Outdoor 6 Player’s Champions

Men’s: Samzon Hernandez

Samzon Hernandez earned his second WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup, outpointing Timbo Gonzalez by just one ranking point through seven WPH Outdoor 6 ranking events. Hernandez won one singles title (Royal Flush), one doubles title (Royal Flush) and advanced to five singles finals during the WPH Outdoor 6 season. “I came really close to winning this a couple of years ago and it’s cool to have won it again,” stated Hernandez.

Women’s: Tracy Davis

Tracy Davis won her first WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup during the WPH Outdoor 6 season, winning one singles title (RFC), finishing second in one other event (3WallBall), and finishing third in two other events. At 40, Davis became the oldest WPH pro to end the season at #1 in history, a testament to Trey Dey’s tremendous talent, dedication, fitness, and passion for the game. “Oh wow, this is so awesome and so unexpected,” stated Davis. “I am so excited.”

WPH Outdoor 6 X-Fest Champions

Men’s: Timbo Gonzalez

Timbo Gonzalez became the first repeat X-Fest Champion, winning the X-Fest III at the 2017 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships after winning the X-Fest II in the summer of 2016. Gonzalez dominated the X-Fest II, winning the 1-Wall Big Ball singles, the 3-Wall Big Ball singles, and finishing third in the 1-Wall Small Ball singles, proving that he is the king of outdoor handball. “Winning the X-Fest has been my goal since it was announced,” stated Gonzalez. “I love the X-Fest because it demands that players test themselves in all the codes and identifies the best all-around player. I’m proud to have won it in consecutive years.”

Women’s: Sandy Ng

Sandy Ng won her first X-Fest championship at the 2017 3WallBall Championships, winning the 1-Wall Small Ball singles, the 3-Wall Big Ball singles, and finishing second in the 1-Wall Big Ball Singles on Las Vegas’ WallBall courts. Ng’s sensational talent was on display against the world’s best women’s outdoor stars, as her two-handed attack was too potent to stop. Ng will be on the short list of favorites to win the X-Fest for many years. “I love this tournament and I feel like I had luck on my side to win the X-Fest this year,” stated Ng.

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer