WPH Outdoor Cup Stop #2 April 9th-10th – Golden Park, Downey 1 Wall Big Ball

Posted on Mar 16 2016 - 6:10am by DV

Race MasterApril 9th-10th WPH Outdoor 1 Wall Big Ball Challenge

Location: Golden Park, 8840 Golden Ave, Downey, CA 90242

Entry Info: HERE>  r2sports.com, search handball (use your tabs across the top of the page for prize money, entry fees amd more)

Highlights: Big Ball 1 Wall singles & doubles w/Full Ranking Points, Trophy, Cash & Yellow Jersey for all “A” Brackets (Singles & doubles); Junior WPH Pro Player clinics. Full Points will be offered in “A” singles & doubles.

Format: Can play two events (one singles/one doubles); Best two of three games, no rally scoring to 12 pts; two time outs per game; 3 minute break between games; Doubles features only one server; no two wall serves; no second serves (one chance to get the ball into play).

Contact: Tom Flores @ flores@wphoutdoor.com

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