WPH Men’s R48Pro 4 Wall Small Ball Rankings Update: Post Tucson Memorial

Posted on Nov 13 2015 - 6:49am by DV

cropped-DSC09763.jpgNovember 6th-8th’s Memorial event in Tucson proved to be fruitful for Sean Lenning, Mando Ortiz and Ryan Bowler.  Lenning, who is now the clear #2-ranked pro after gathering some distance from Luis Moreno and Emmett Peixoto, is gearing up for a clash with Brady (both on the court and in the season’s standings).  Mando Ortiz is just a great stop or early exit from Peixoto or Moreno (New Orleans) from overtaking the #4 or even #3 spot; meanwhile, Ryan Bowler makes a visit into the top 30 when he took 17th place in Tucson.

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