WPH Memory Mondays: Scott Cleveland

Posted on Sep 18 2020 - 5:00am by DV

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The WPH is thrilled to present to WPH Memory Mondays (video) during the ongoing handball quarantine, featuring your favorite Race 4 Eight pros discussing their favorite handball memories, who inspired them to become a Race 4 Eight pro, their favorite tournament and the best player they’ve ever played. You won’t dread Monday mornings any longer!

Scott Cleveland first played handball in Long Beach, CA more than 35 years ago, playing with Mike “Hook” Robles, a nine-year old David Chapman and the rest of the sensational Southern California handball community. “When I saw Christian and Connors play the first time I was just hooked,” stated Cleveland.

Scott arrived in Tucson circa 2012 and quickly became Tucson’s “Commish” for his willingness to run leagues, organize tournaments and support all things handball in the vibrant Tucson handball community. The Commish is one the WPH’s greatest donors, hosts pro players, organizes fundraisers, serves as the tournament director for the Race 4 Eight Tucson Memorial and travels to a number of Race 4 Eight stops each year, all because he LOVES the game. The game is in a much better place because of the Commish!

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