WPH Director In the Spotlight

Posted on Apr 23 2014 - 5:06am by DV

Salt Lake City, Utah, Press- WPH staffers and professional handball players awarded David Vincent, WPH Director, a Lifetime Achievement Award for service related to the growth and promotion of handball today, while at the Player’s Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Vincent was surprised when WPH Development Director, David Fink, revealed the award on behalf of the elite eight surrounding players and sponsors.

“Today is a good day, but we have a huge mountain to climb,” said Vincent, referring to the game’s expansion and visibility.  “We always love to be recognized, especially among your peers and those you look up to, but this cannot cloud the commitments we have all made to bring this game forward.  I am totally honored for this award.  Surprised by it, in fact.  I think this will be a great event and once home, I’ll reflect more on the achievement.”

Vincent heads the Tucson, Arizona-based World Players of Handball and has a mission of promoting the game to the masses while continuing to be innovative.


Congratulations DV!