WPH Coaching Center: Back Wall Kill with Martin Mulkerrins

Posted on Jul 17 2024 - 2:58am by DV

WPH Media, Tucson, AZ

On this edition of the WPH Coaching Center, WPH Master Instructor David Fink is joined by 2024 Race 4 Eight Player’s Cup Champion and back wall kill master Martin Mulkerrins to discuss and demonstrate the art of the back wall kill. “First you have to gauge where you think the ball is going to be, getting your feet in the correct position and getting your hand in the ready position so I can purely focus on the follow through,” stated Mulkerrins.

Listen to more of Martin’s thoughts and watch him reel off one-inch high laser back wall kills.

Move your feet, get intense and take your game to the next level!

Watch here:  

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