WPH Aces Player’s Championship R48, WR48 and SR48 Preview

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poster (7)The WPH Aces Player’s Championship R48, Qualifier, WR48 and SR48 Preview


The World Players of Handball’s Race 4 Eight IV, Women’s Race 4 Eight II and Senior Race 4 Eight III seasons conclude with the Race’s most prestigious event, the WPH Aces Player’s Championship in Salt Lake City. The season kicked off in Southern California at the Simple Green U.S. Open of Handball, moved to the desert in Tucson for Stop #2, headed to Houston for the third stop, traveled back to California for the fourth stop at San Francisco’s Olympic Club and concluded its regular season on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at the New York Athletic Club. The Race 4 Eight and Women’s Race 4 Eight were dominated by Ireland’s Paul Brady and Catriona Casey, respectively, while the Senior Race 4 Eight tour featured three different winners in three stops. With bonus money on the line for all three tours and the most prestigious crystal on the Race 4 Eight to be awarded, players will be aiming to play their best handball in the season’s final event. Thank you to EDTL Handball and Ace Disposal for their incredible support of the World Players of Handball and the Race 4 Eight.

The Race 4 Eight IV


The Race 4 Eight IV can be summed up in three words: Paul Brady Domination. Brady has decimated his competition through five R48 IV events, winning all five R48 IV events and losing just one game in 20 matches.


With a fortune in bonus money to be awarded to the top eight R48 IV finishers and Paul Brady already clinching #1, each player ranked between numbers 2-8 will be jockeying for their slice of pie.


The Irish have completely dominated the R48 since the Moreno won the R48 III Houston in January of 2014, winning eight consecutive R48 events (Brady x 7, McCarthy).


The Elite 8


 cropped-IMG_1107_.jpg#1 Paul Brady: R48 IV Match Record: 20-0

Brady is aiming for the first perfect R48 season and needs four consecutive wins in Salt Lake City to make history. Brady has outscored his opponents 650-257 in 20 matches this season, winning 40 of 41 games and appearing to be completely invincible throughout the majority of the season. Brady lost in the opening round of the 2014 WPH Aces Player’s Championship and will be even motivated to recapture the crown he won in 2013






#2 Luis Moreno: R48 IV Match Record: 10-6


After appearing in the finals of the first two R48 IV events of the season, Moreno has not played at the level in which fans are accustomed to seeing in the last three events. Losses in the semifinals in Houston, semifinals in San Francisco and the round of 16 in New York (gasp) have put Moreno in danger of falling out of the top two in the R48 rankings for the first time since 2011. Moreno will need to finish ahead of Peixoto in Salt Lake City to finish the year at #2


cropped-IMG_0087.jpg#3 Emmett Peixoto: R48 IV Match Record: 13-5

Peixoto has firmly established himself as a top three R48 star over the past 14 months and has finished in the top five in each event on the R48 IV tour. Peixoto advanced to the finals at the Olympic Club in February, arguably providing Paul Brady will his most difficult test of the season. Peixoto also has two fifth-place and two third-place finishes on the R48 IV season, making him the most consistent player on the tour outside of Paul Brady. Peixoto would surpass Luis Moreno on the rankings for the first time in Race history if he finishes higher than “The Natural” in Salt Lake City


#4 Sean Lenning: R48 IV Match Record: 9-6


#5 David Fink: R48 IV Match Record: 6-6


Fink has been wildly inconsistent on the R48 IV tour, losing twice in the round of 16, once in the quarterfinals and twice advancing to the semifinals. Fink has shown signs of excellence, defeating Mando Ortiz and taking a second game lead on Brady, while also demonstrating monumental lapses in concentration, losing a 15-1, 4-1 lead in the round of 16 in New York and failing to convert a match point in the second game. Fink is one of four players (Moreno, Lenning, Alvarado) to have competed in all four WPH Player’s Championships and one of two players to be ranked inside the top eight on the R48 tour since the inception of the tour in 2011 (Moreno)


Mando_bio_pic#6 Mando Ortiz: 6-8

After an 18-month hiatus from Race play from 2012-2013, Ortiz emerged as the most exciting player on the tour during the R48 III season, defeating Mulkerrins, Alvarado, Peixoto, Fink, Lenning and of course, Paul Brady at the 2014 WPH Aces Player’s Championship. Ortiz has struggled to find the magic this season, failing to advance to the semifinals through five events. Ortiz, however, has proven that he can catch fire at any moment, and every pro player knows that no one can shoot the bottom board from anywhere on the court with both hands like Ortiz. Ortiz is comfortable at Salt Lake’s 4,327 altitude and could experience his R48 IV coming out party at the WPH Aces Player’s Championship


#7 Naty Alvarado: R48 IV Match Record: 4-3

Alvarado has started just two R48 IV events, advancing to the semifinals of both. Alvarado stunned Mando Ortiz in the 2014 U.S. Open quarterfinals, rallying from a 12-18 second game deficit after losing game one to win a tiebreaker, and reaching his second semifinal by dominating WPH #3 Emmett Peixoto in two quick games in New York’s quarterfinals. The five-month break from Race play seemed to inspire Alvarado, who appeared to be more fresh and more precise in New York than at any point since the R48 I season. Alvarado has struggled with the R48’s top four in recent years, but his performance in New York sent a message to everyone on tour that he is playing to win every event in which he enters



#8 Daniel Cordova: R48 IV Match Record: 6-6

Cordova qualified for the first time at the R48 IV Tucson and has skyrocketed up the R48 rankings since. A fifth place finish in Houston, seventh in San Francisco and ninth in New York earned him his first top eight invite to Salt Lake City. At 22, Cordova becomes the second youngest player invited to the Player’s Championship behind his brother Luis, who was just 21 at the Player’s Championship I in 2012. Cordova has quickly demonstrated that he is a force on the tour, possessing one of the game’s best serves and earning victories over Stephen Cooney, Abraham Montijo, Marcos Chavez, Jonathan Iglesias and Luis Moreno



perezThe Race 4 Eight Qualifiers


The qualifiers have electrified fans this season, featuring the arrival of several new R48 stars, and serving as a comeback platform for former R48 elite. Daniel Cordova and Stephen Cooney spent their entire R48 IV regular seasons in the Qualifier, earning career best 5th and 6th place finishes, respectively. Daniel Cordova earned his first invite to a R48 event in Salt Lake City’s WPH Ace’s Player’s Championship, while Cooney finished the regular season as the 9th ranked pro. Former two-time Elite 8 star Andy Nett returned to the R48 in New York City after a 12-month hiatus to become the first qualifier to advance to a R48 IV final.


Salt Lake City’s WPH Ace’s Player’s Championship Top Qualifiers


Stephen Cooney: R48 IV Match Record: 9-8

In his first season on the R48 tour, Cooney made a huge splash, moving to #9 on the R48 rankings with victories over Fink, Iglesias, Selestow, Perez and L. Cordova. Cooney could finish the season in the Elite 8 with a round of 16 victory in Salt Lake City



Marcos Chavez: R48 IV Match Record: 4-8

Chavez earned Elite 8 invites to Tucson, Houston, San Francisco and New York, finishing a season’s best sixth in San Francisco with wins over Anthony Selestow and Daniel Cordova. Chavez dropped out of the Elite after a first round loss to Jonathan Iglesias in New York




Mike Schneider: R48 IV Match Record: 0-2

Schneider qualified for the first time on the R48 IV season in his first start at the NYAC, defeating R48 #13 Luis Cordova in the qualifier final. Schneider’s unorthodox game and massive hops pose problems for anyone in Salt Lake City’s draw


cordovaLuis Cordova: R48 IV Match Record: 6-7

Cordova started the season with an impressive 7th place finish at the U.S. Open, but has struggled since, losing in the round of 16 in his next three starts and failing to qualify in New York


Shorty Ruiz: R48 IV Match Record: 1-4

Ruiz qualified at the U.S. Open and led Paul Brady 14-7 (to 21) in their round of 16 match before falling in two straight. After losing to Daniel Cordova in the qualifier final in Tucson, Ruiz qualified for the second time in three attempts in Houston


Anthony Selestow: R48 IV Match Record: 2-10



Vic Perez: R48 IV Match Record: 4-8

Perez demonstrated flashes of brilliance during the R48 IV season, overcoming match point to defeat Mando Ortiz in Tucson to advance to the round of 8. Perez also defeated Irish star Martin Mulkerrins, but also surrendered three R48 IV Playoff matches when holding match point (Cooney, L. Cordova, Cooney)


Abraham Montijo: R48 IV Match Record: 3-7

Montijo earned his first Elite 8 R48 invite in Tucson, parlaying his Elite 8 invite to a fifth place finish with victories over Marcos Chavez, Sean Lenning and Stephen Cooney. Montijo has struggled since, dropping his round of 16 matches in Houston (D. Cordova) and San Francisco (Brady) and failing to qualify in New York


Santos_Samzon_rivalry_picSamzon Hernandez: R48 IV Match Record: n/a

At 24, Hernandez has been one of the game’s greatest outdoor players for nearly a decade. Armed with the build of an NFL linebacker and the tenacity to match, Hernandez is one of the fiercest competitors in the sport. Hernandez bring his hybrid style of small ball/big ball and outdoor/indoor to the Race tour, disrupting the rhythm and comfort level of all of his opponents. Hernandez will be seeking his first successful qualifier attempt since the 2011 Simple Green U.S. Open


Sal Duenas: R48 IV Match Record: n/a

Duenas is a 20-year veteran of the sport, having started at a 4-Wall small ball junior player and transitioning into one of the best 3-Wall big ball players in the world in the last decade. Known as the “Wizard,” Duenas plays a methodical and percentage game and whoever plays him in Salt Lake City will have to earn every point


Jonathan Hingey: R48 IV Match Record: n/a

Jonathan Hingey has demonstrated flashes of brilliance over the past 12 months, defeating former R48 Elite 8 pros Aaron Garner, Abraham Montijo and Anthony Selestow. Hingey has struggled this season in the R48 qualifier, failing to qualify in his only attempts at the U.S. Open and New York. Hingey posseses all of the skills necessary to challenge the world’s best and look for him to surge up the rankings in the coming year


Mike Semplice: R48 IV Match Record: n/a

The Steel City’s top star Mike Semplice will make his second consecutive R48 qualifier start, losing in a nearly 100-minute one game to 25 match to 22nd ranked Adam “Weekend at Bernie’s” Bernhard at the R48 IV NYAC. Semplice has been close in previous R48 qualifiers, losing a close match to former Elite 8 invite Abraham Montijo several years ago


Joe Delsardo: R48 IV Match Record: n/a

“Smokin” Joe Delsardo made a name for himself as a standout wide receiver for the University of Pittsburgh, appearing several times on “ESPN’s Top 10 Plays” for outstanding catches and setting a then BCS Fiesta Bowl record for most catches against the University of Utah. Delsardo will target a return on ESPN, as he enters his first R48 qualifier in Salt Lake City


WR48 Pro Handball Logo Full Color VerticalWomen’s Race 4 Eight


Catriona Casey has dominated the WR48 in a similar fashion to her male counterpart, Paul Brady. Through six Women’s Race 4 Eight tournaments since the start of the tour in 2013, Casey has won all six events, and in 19 matches, has lost just one game. Casey will have to contend with her greatest rival, Aisling Reilly, in Salt Lake City, as well as a host of the top women’s players in the sport.


The 2015 WR48 NYAC marked the first event in WR48 history (6) in which no American women advanced to the semifinals. In three WR48 events this season, just three of the 12 semifinalists have been American (Davis x 2, Daskalakis).




The WR48 Elite:


#1 Catriona Casey: WR48 Match Record: 9-0

Through three victories on the WR48 II tour, Casey has outscored her opponents 318-76, an astounding 4:1 against the best players in the sport. Casey has played 19 games on the WR48 II tour, dropping just one (Ni Churraoin). Between the semifinals of San Francisco and the semifinals of New York, Casey scored an astonishing 76 consecutive points against her four opponents, including a 30-0 thrashing in the finals of San Francisco


#2 Jessica Gawley: WR48 Match Record: 5-4

Leading up to the 2015 WR48 NYAC, Jessica Gawley had been one of the WR48’s most consistent performers, finishing in the top five of the first five WR48 events held. Battling dizziness in New York, Gawley was unable to perform anywhere near her best, dropping both matches she played. Gawley will unquestionably be motivated to redeem herself in Salt Lake City, as she will be aiming to finish the season as the #2 ranked WR48 pro


#3 Danielle Daskalakis: WR48 Match Record: 6-3

Daskalakis has emerged as a star on the WR48 tour this season, climbing to #4 on the WR48 rankings with impressive victories over Tracy Davis and Yvonne August. Daskalakis is a cross over star, as she is one of the top women’s 1-Wall and 3-Wall small ball and big ball players in the sport. Daskalakis is one of the game’s most exciting players, possessing an incredible left hand and variety that has earned her the top American ranking on the WR48


cropped-IMG_0337.jpg#4 Tracy Davis: WR48 Match Record: 2-4

Possessing more national titles than anyone in the event, Davis is a proven winner. Titles in small ball and big ball 1-Wall and 3-Wall, as well as consistently being ranked in the top five on the WR48 tour have established Davis as the greatest all-around handball player on the planet. Davis has struggled with a shoulder injury throughout this WR48 season, but appears to be healthy for Salt Lake City



#5 Aisling Reilly: WR48 Match Record: 2-1

Reilly will be making her second WR48 II start of the season, losing in the finals of her first start at the 2014 U.S. Open to Catriona Casey. Reilly and Casey have played one another in the finals of virtually every major final since 2013, with the pair trading victories until Casey’s five-match winning streak in the from April of 2014 to January of 2015. Reilly emphatically ended Casey’s winning streak in March’s 2015 All Ireland Senior Championship, defeating Casey 21-15, 21-11. Reilly will undoubtedly carry the confidence from her All Ireland Senior Championship to Salt Lake City, where she will attempt to defeat Casey for the first time on American soil since the finals of the 2013 USHA Four Wall National Championships


11071817_10153205321503799_151331032376599643_nMartina McMahon: WR48 Match Record: 3-2

McMahon enters Salt Lake City on the heels of her career best 3rd place WR48 finish in New York. McMahon possesses one of the smoothest and most graceful games in pro handball, generating effortless power and remarkable ambidexterity. McMahon has the ability to end rallies from anywhere on the court, particularly with her spectacular left hand. McMahon could be a bracket buster in Salt Lake City!


Yvonne August: WR48 Match Record: 3-4

August returned to pro handball after an 11-year layoff at San Francisco’s WR48 II Del Grande Dealer Group’s Stop #2 and nearly upset then WR48 #3 Tracy Davis. August claimed sixth place in both of her WR48 starts this season, with impressive victories over Shirley Chen, Jean Kastner and Maria Dugas in San Francisco and New York. Demonstrating more intensity than virtually anyone on any of the three Race 4 Eight tours, August will be entering Salt Lake City with momentum and a burning desire to finish the season in the WR48 “Fab 4”


Ashley Moler: WR48 Match Record: 1-1

Despite making just her second WR48 start in Salt Lake City, Moler is no stranger to playing the best players on the biggest stage. Ranked as high as number two on the WPH Women’s Outdoor tour, Moler owns 4-Wall victories over Tracy Davis and Martina McMahon, proving that she can defeat the best in the women’s game


Leslie Amminson: WR48 Match Record: 0-1

At 18, Amminson will be the youngest player in the WR48 Salt Lake City draw. Amminson has become Canada’s top junior and has demonstrated the talent to crack the WR48 top 10. Playing in her third women’s major in five weeks, Amminson will be battle-tested as she enters Salt Lake City


Jean Kastner: WR48 Match Record: 0-1

Kastner was a staple on the women’s pro tour in the mid 2000’s, picking up wins against some of the game’s top players and multiple national doubles championships. Kastner took a break from the tour to focus on her career and is excited to return this season. Competitive and supremely athletic, Kastner still has the game to trouble the best in Salt Lake’s outstanding WR48 field


SR1Senior Race 4 Eight


The Senior Race 4 Eight has featured three different winners in three events this season, as R48 stars Marcos Chavez and Naty Alvarado Jr. claimed Tucson and Houston, while SR48 stalwart Andy Schad claimed the NYAC. Schad moved to number one on the SR48 rankings after his victory at the NYAC and will aim to finish as the year-end SR48 number one with a strong performance in Salt Lake City


The SR48 Elite:


#1 Andy Schad: SR48 Match Record: 7-3

Schad claimed his first SR48 title at the 2013 SR48 Player’s Championship with a victory over longtime nemesis John Bike. Schad would have to wait 22 months before winning his second. Schad avenged an earlier season loss to Dan Armijo in the NYAC final, trouncing “The Hand” en route to the title and claiming the #1 SR48 ranking. Schad will finish the year number one if he advances to the final in Salt Lake City



#2 Marcos Chavez: SR48 Match Record: 5-1



#3 Dan Armijo: SR48 Match Record: 3-4

At over 50 years old, Armijo is the oldest player in the SR48’s top five. Armijo entered the NYAC SR48 at the number one seed for the first time in his 30-year pro career, advancing to the final before losing to current SR48 #1 Andy Schad. “The Hand” is famous for his incredible speed and showmanship, thrilling galleries and broadcast viewers in all of his matches


#4 Chris Watkins: SR48 Match Record: 3-3

A former master’s national champion and weekly sparring partner to Naty Alvarado and John Bike, the “Waddy Dog” has the pedigree of a SR48 champion. Watkins played his first full season on the SR48 tour this season, advancing to two semifinals and losing a close match to Andy Schad in New York that would have earned him his first finals appearance. Watkins owns one of the SR48’s best serve-and-shoot games and will be targeting his first SR48 title in Salt Lake City



John Bike: SR48 Match Record: First Start

John Bike is the only current USHA Handball Hall of Fame member entered in the draw. Bike is a former #1 ranked pro, 2-time USHA 4-Wall Pro National Singles Champion, 1997 World Open Singles Champion and former #1 ranked SR48 pro (2013). Bike will be making his first SR48 start since the SR48 II Denver in 2013. Suffering through an assortment of injuries in 2013, Bike announced his retirement from competitive singles 13 months ago. A few months off led to a rejuvenated body and mind, and a healthy Bike will be dangerous in the wide-open SR48 Salt Lake City draw



Tom Sheridan: SR48 Match Record: First Start

Tom Sheridan will be making the 4500-mile trip from Ireland to Salt Lake City to compete in his first SR48 event. Sheridan is one of Ireland’s most decorated “Big Alley” and 40×20 Irish doubles champions in history, and in 2011 captured the USHA 4-Wall Pro Doubles Championship with partner Ducksy Walsh, defeating Luis Moreno and Sean Lenning in the final. Sheridan brings a dynamite left hand to every match, as well as unmatched intensity and gamesmanship. Despite never playing in a SR48 event, Sheridan will be on the short list of favorites to become the 2015 SR48 Player’s Champion


Andy Rousseau: SR48 Match Record: 1-1

Rousseau made a huge splash in his first SR48 start at the New York Athletic Club, stunning Canadian legend Danny Bell in the round of 8 en route to an impressive third place finish. Rousseau’s tenacity is likely his greatest asset, as the affable New Yorker fights for every point. Long known in the Northeast as one of the game’s top players, Rousseau is making himself known nationally and will aim to continue his good form in Salt Lake City


ACE-logo-5Powered by ESPN, Presented by EDTL Handball and Sponsored and Hosted by the Ace Cleanup Crew!

The WPH Aces Player’s Championship will be broadcasted live on the Watch ESPN App, just as all of the Race 4 Eight events have been this season. The WPH would like to thank EDTL Handball for presenting the Race 4 Eight Tour, Ace Disposal for hosting and sponsoring the WPH Aces Player’s Championship, Simple Green, the Houston Handball Club, the Olympic Club and the New York Athletic Club, all of whom have sponsored events on this season’s Race 4 Eight tour.  The WPH would also like to thank all of the generous donors that have made broadcasting on ESPN possible throughout this season.


“Broadcasting on ESPN is the single biggest breakthrough in the history of handball,” boasted WPH Executive Director David Vincent. “We have so many people and groups to thank and because of all of the generosity of these individuals, handball clubs and businesses, we are able to reach hundreds of thousands of new handball viewers during each of our ESPN broadcasts.

pb4Current R48, WR48 and SR48 Current Rankings

R48 Rankings


  1. Paul Brady (IRE): 50
  2. Luis Moreno (AZ): 29
  3. Emmett Peixoto (CA): 28
  4. Sean Lenning (AZ): 21.5
  5. David Fink (AZ): 17
  6. Mando Ortiz (CA): 13.5
  7. Naty Alvarado (CA): 11.5

*8. Daniel Cordova (IL): 9.5


  1. Stephen Cooney (IRE): 9.5
  2. Jonathan Iglesias (NY): 8.5
  3. Andy Nett (MN): 8
  4. Marcos Chavez (CA): 8
  5. Luis Cordova (FL): 7.25
  6. Charly Shanks (IRE): 6
  7. Vic Perez (CA): 6
  8. Abraham Montijo (AZ): 5.5
  9. Diarmaid Nash (IRE): 3.5
  10. Anthony Selestow (WI): 3
  11. Colin Crehan (IRE): 3
  12. Erik Torres (CA): 2.5
  13. Shorty Ruiz (CA): 1.5
  14. Adam Bernhard (TX): 1
  15. Martin Mulkerrins (IRE): 1
  16. Mike Schneider (NY): .5


*Denotes a higher ranking based on head-to-head record



CC pic 3WR48 Rankings

  1. Catriona Casey (IRE): 30
  2. Jessica Gawley (CAN): 14
  3. Danielle Daskalakis (NY): 13
  4. Tracy Davis (CA): 10
  5. Aisling Reilly (IRE): 8
  6. Ciana Ni Churraoin (IRE): 8
  7. Courtney Peixoto de Melo (CA): 7
  8. Martina McMahon (IRE): 6
  9. Yvonne August (CA): 6
  10. Aoife McCarthy (IRE): 5
  11. Ashley Moler (CA): 3


SchadSR48 Rankings


  1. Andy Schad (VA): 19
  2. Naty Alvarado (CA): 18
  3. Marcos Chavez (CA): 16
  4. Dan Armijo (AZ): 14
  5. Chris Watkins (CA): 10
  6. Tyler Hamel (TX): 8
  7. Andy Rousseau (NY): 6
  8. Bear Meiring (CO): 4
  9. Danny Bell (CAN): 4
  10. Denis Gingras (CAN): 3
  11. Juan Canales (TX): 3




Simple Green Logo Solid_Green_3x3_150dpiR48 IV, WR48 II, SR48 III Finishes


Men’s R48 U.S. Open ‘14


1st: Brady

2nd: Moreno

3rd: Shanks

4th: Alvarado, Jr.

5th: Peixoto

6th: Nash

7th: L. Cordova

8th: Ortiz

9th: Cooney

10th: Iglesias

11th: Fink, Selestow

13th: Torres, Ruiz, Lenning, Montijo

juniors_logo_whitebigR48 Tucson ‘14


1st: Brady

2nd: Moreno

3rd: Fink/Peixoto

5th: Montijo

6th: Cooney

7th: Lenning/Perez

9th: Iglesias

10th: Ortiz

11th: Chavez/Torres

13th: D. Cordova/L. Cordova/Bernhard/Selestow

Houston1 (1)Houston R48 IV Finishes:


1st: Brady

2nd: Lenning

tie 3rd: Peixoto/Moreno

5th: D. Cordova

6th: Fink

tie 7th: Ortiz/Chavez

9th: Cooney

10th: L. Cordova

tie 11th: Ruiz/Iglesias

tie 13th: Bernhard/Selestow/Perez/Montijo


DGDG Plate FramSan Francisco R48 IV Finishes:


1st: Brady

2nd: Peixoto

tie 3rd: Fink/Moreno

5th: Lenning

6th: Chavez

tie 7th: D. Cordova/Ortiz

9th: L. Cordova

10th: Perez

tie 11th: Mulkerrins/Torres

tie 13th: Cooney/Iglesias/Montijo/Selestow


Foot+with+wreath+186R48 NYAC Finishes:


1st: Brady

2nd: Nett

tie 3rd: Lenning/Alvarado

5th: Peixoto

6th: Iglesias

tie 7th: Crehan/Ortiz

9th: D. Cordova

10th: Cooney

tie 11th: Moreno/Perez

tie 13th: Chavez/Fink/Selestow/Schneider

Race 4 Eight, Women’s Race 4 Eight and Senior Race 4 Eight Stops and Champions: 2011-Present


R48 I: 2011-2012


  1. Plummer (ID) Moreno
  2. U.S. Open (CA) McCarthy
  3. Tucson (AZ) Moreno
  4. Fresno (CA) Lenning
  5. Atlanta (MO) Moreno
  6. Salt Lake City (UT) Moreno
  7. LAAC (CA) Lenning
  8. Seattle (WA) Moreno


R48 II + SR48 I: 2012-2013


  1. U.S. Open (CA) Brady
  2. Tucson (AZ) Lenning
  3. Houston (TX) Shanks/Alvarado
  4. Anchorage (AK) Moreno
  5. Denver (CO) Moreno/Alvarado
  6. Salt Lake City (UT) Shanks
  7. Seattle (WA) Brady/Schad


R48 III + WR48 I: + SR48 II 2013-2014


  1. Plummer (ID) Al. Garner
  2. U.S. Open (CA) Moreno/Catriona Casey
  3. Houston (TX) Moreno/Chavez
  4. NYAC (NY) Brady/Catriona Casey
  5. Denver (CO) Brady/Meiring
  6. Salt Lake City (UT) McCarthy/Catriona Casey/Chavez


R48 IV + SR48 III + WR48 II: 2014-2015


  1. U.S. Open (CA): Brady/Catriona Casey
  2. Tucson (AZ): Brady/Chavez
  3. Houston (TX): Brady/Alvarado
  4. San Francisco (CA): Brady/Catriona Casey
  5. NYAC (NY): Brady/Catriona Casey/Schad

10GBTRANSHADOWThe Mission of the World Players of Handball is to introduce young people to the game of handball to incorporate an active lifestyle, a sense of teamwork and competition, community spirit, camaraderie, mental focus and physical health. The World Players of Handball employs sports enthusiasts who are passionate handball players and dedicated contributors to society to inspire young people to develop character, integrity, sportsmanship, and the value of hard work, while always adopting the “service before self” mentality. The World Players of Handball embraces diversity by providing opportunities for both men and women of all backgrounds to harness their similarities and differences to clarify, improve, and boost perceptions, build on uniqueness, and encourage people to learn from one another in a supportive and dynamic environment.


World Players of Handball is a nonprofit foundation focusing on the growth of the sport of handball through innovative youth training and competitive events.  A non-profit 501 ©(3), the World Players of Handball promotes, advances, and advocates the sport of handball to create opportunities for young people to become valuable members of and positive contributors to the community by building self-esteem, independence, leadership, and character.


The goal of the World Players of Handball is to incorporate an enduring healthy and active lifestyle in young people in a structured and enjoyable environment.  Incorporating diversity as a key objective allows the World Players of Handball to achieve its purpose, goals, and core values.


Junior WPH has been providing opportunities for Tucson Youth to play handball, travel to tournaments, and become a part of the incredible handball fraternity since 2009. Junior WPH has been instrumental in improving the grades of its youth players, tackling youth obesity, motivating youth to graduate from high school and college, and become leaders in handball and the community.


Junior WPH launched a global initiative in 2013 to teach youth handball and all of the benefits that handball provides. Junior WPH focuses on not just the fundamentals and competition of handball, but also the discipline, leadership, character, and integrity that handball and Junior WPH promotes.  The WPH has certified a number of coaches with the WPH Coaching Manual and Coaching Certification Process to teach the game in a structured and fun environment. Many of the certified coaches are current pros who are eager to give back to the game and develop the next generation of players. 

How you can Donate


Donate on-line at www.thehandballstore.com, send your generous gifts through PayPal (extremehandball@cs.com) or by mailing checks to:  WPH, 3561 E. Sunrise Dr. Suite 125, Tucson, AZ, 85718. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today and supporting the growth of the game. 100% of the donations received by the WPH go towards junior handball development.

How can you watch?


All of the WPH Aces Player’s Championship action will take place at the Sports Mall in Salt Lake City, UT from April 17th-19th (5445 S 900 E, 84117). If you cannot make it to beautiful Salt Lake City, All Access Pass Holders can watch bonus coverage on Friday, April 17th on race4eight.com. All of Saturday and Sunday’s WPH Aces Player’s Championship will be broadcasted lived on ESPN (http://espn.go.com/watchespn/). For information on how to enter the event or to follow the event, go to http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=13707.


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David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

Formatted by Tanner Cleveland


slc1_760_largeThe Ace Disposal Story

“The Local Garbageman”

In 1980 our owner was a Civil Engineer with a newborn, and a desire to be his own boss.  He saw an ad in the local classifieds for 1 garbage truck and 150 customers, titled “Ace Disposal.”  Against all advice from friends and concern from his wife he left his career and bought Ace in September of 1980.  He went on to drive the truck for about 8 years. His wife also dispatched and ran the bills, all while raising 2 young kids.  After that he was lucky to find the one thing that makes any small business grow and succeed; good people.  Over the next 10 years the business grew due to the hard work of multiple employees that still work at Ace today.  Through numerous small acquisitions in the 90’s, Ace had become one of the largest independent haulers in Utah.

Today we are one of the largest independent haulers in the western United States.  The owner and his son own and operate the business with 200 employees, running approximately 100 trucks per day.  Despite our size, we still haven’t forgotten our commitment to the customer and who helped us get to where we are today, and where we go tomorrow

Our Mission:

  • To provide the highest level of quality service at reasonable and fair rates.
  • To provide our customers with friendly, efficient, affordable and safe service.
  • To cooperate with the communities in which we operate in order to improve the quality of life using our resources.
  • To provide a safe and secure working environment for our employees.



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