Workout Wednesday: A ‘Look-Back’ w/Marcos Chavez and Dave Fink

Posted on Aug 12 2020 - 11:50am by DV

Last Wednesday we had so much positive feedback regarding Workout Wednesday’s “Retro Look-Back” interview with Vic Perez, that we thought we would give you one more before resuming the LIVE feature next week.

Marcos Chavez is in his mid 40’s; meanwhile, Dave Fink is almost there.  Both are in the Elite Eight and atop the 40+ Senior tour rankings list.

So, how do they put it all together? Well, back in 2018, at the WPH Player’s Championship in Salt Lake City, Utah, we sat down with both, and here’s what they said (a clip only seen previously on ESPN):

Workout Wednesday is part of the WPH #HandballAtHome series brought to you by and highlights workout routines, eating habits, post match stretches, pre-match prep-work and more!  We know you’ve been keeping in shape and now we’d like to see it.  Send us an email: and we will air your routine for the others that cannot get into the gym, club or handball court during the Pandemic.

Special thanks to Kris Gurrad, Linda Manning, Che Lowenstein, Kara Mack, Jeff Kastner and the ESPN crew (plus those behind the scenes at the WPH) for digging out this clip.  Big thanks to Patreon supporters of the WPH, David Fink and Marcos Chavez.



For this Wednesday’s workout we go back one year, when Kara Mack interviewed Elite 8 Pro, Vic Perez, in Salt Lake City at the WPH Player’s Championship.

Instead of bringing you a LIVE workout on Facebook, today it’s a retro workout from one of the most fit pros touring today. . . Vic Perez!

This interview was aired only one time previously and that was on ESPN in late May of 2019.

Workout Wednesday will continue LIVE on, and nbext Wednesday, Augist 12th, 2020.
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Today we bring you two top six women pro handballers in one video, as Tracy Davis (#6) takes the lead with friend and fellow competitor, Danielle Daskalakis (#4), plus Program Director from the Cross Island YMCA in Queens, NY Raymund Gotiangco.

The routine is being filmed for the WPH from Marine Park in Brooklyn, NY, and we hope this video inspires you to stay fit during the ongoing Pandemic.

Tracy, Danielle and Raymund will work on a Cardio Strength Conditioning routine that Davis has molded, over time, into her “get fit fast” pre-tournament “Go-To” staple.

Get a water-bottle~Get a towel~Free up 15 minutes~free up 15 feet of space (or less):

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#3 Ranked WPH Pro on the Men’s Race4Eight is Daniel Cordova. Danos is known for having one of the best serves in the game and is a hard-hitting back-wall specialist that loves to compete: which fuels his ability to stay fit.

So how does he do it?

This video digs into that as Danos works on his core . . . in court, with a quick routine that we hope will give you motivation to do the same.

As always, if you’d like to be featured next Wednesday CONTACT US!

Remember, stay safe and #HandballAtHome with the WPH.

Please do continue to social-distance yourself, follow CDC guidelines and do stay safe during this pandemic. We will be on the court soon, but until then keep up your hard work as we #HandballAtHome and #QuarantineWithWPH each #WednesdayWednesday and each day in between with the World Players of Handball Foundation.

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Today’s Workout Wednesday session is in written form by Doctor of Chiropractic, and top 7 WPH Women’s Pro handball player, Ashley Moler.
Dr. Moler’s practice is opening now and she’s taking new patients. Her contact information is available below, so please do not hesitate to contact her; if even to say “thanks” for today’s #HandballAtHome Workout Wednesday chat:
When looking ahead to the next tournament, ‘training’ is usually one of the first thoughts in how we decide to prepare. Of course, it is one of the most important aspects of getting to your best; however, post-workout recovery is often overlooked. Recovery should be a very important part of your training regimen. Without proper steps you may be setting yourself up for slowed progress or even injury. I will outline a couple key areas of what you can do at home, and also treatments I use in my practice to help athletes perform at their best.
One of the most underutilized steps in post-workout recovery is stretching. Stretching after a workout is important to maintain flexibility. The different types of stretching could include static, dynamic, or even foam rolling. Static stretching is when you are still and hold the stretch for a period of time. This should mostly be used for cooling down after working out. Dynamic stretching is movement based. Examples include lunges, high knees, and arm circles. These may be done during cool down, but are very important to perform during warm-up.
Foam rolling after workouts is an easy way to target certain muscle groups. Some benefits include improved blood circulation, decreased soreness, and improved recovery time. There are countless videos on YouTube for more specific demonstrations on how to use a foam roller.

Another important part of recovery is eating proper nutrition to fuel your body. I understand there are several different types of diets people follow, so this is a very broad overview. Your particular needs may vary. In general, it is best to eat within one hour after working out. This ensures that you replace the depleted glycogen used during your workout, and also aids in helping muscles to recover. Protein is extremely important to your muscles and good sources could be chicken, wild fish, eggs, almond, or cottage cheese. Carbohydrates are needed to restore glycogen, but try to avoid refined carbs (white grains and fruit juices). Fiber is important to consume with the carbohydrate, so think “Real Rood”. These may include sweet potatoes, beans, fruits, or veggies. Finally, healthy fats are necessary and will keep you feeling fuller longer. Some examples are avocados, nuts, seeds, or wild fish.
Healthy nutrition and stretching are two very simple concepts that you can easily do after workouts. These tips are also life long strategies to try to keep your body performing the best it can. The next few strategies are hands-on approaches that I use in my office.
As a chiropractor, my main treatment for athletes is the chiropractic adjustment. An adjustment is done by delivering a sudden force to a joint to improve motion and function. Basically, when a joint is stuck and not moving well, I help the joint get moving. Joint movement is crucial, as dysfunctional joints may lead to muscle spasms, decreased range of motion, pain, stiffness, or even osteoarthritis. Adjustments can help injuries heal faster, prevent future injuries, and has even been proven to improve reaction time.
Another common treatment I use is myofascial release. Many injuries are caused by either improper mechanics or overuse. Either of these mechanisms put increased demand on the bones, joints, ligaments, and nerves. Myofascial release can help reduce pain and restore motion by using sustained pressure in a targeted area. This is different than deep tissue massage, in that it is a more focused approach to the area of concern.
One last trick I use for recovery is compression boots. These work wonders during tournaments when our legs need as much energy as we can give them! They use peristaltic pulse compression and can help by improving circulation, removing waste products more quickly, improving range of motion, increasing flexibility, and decreasing your recovery time. It is recommended to consult your health care provider before using this modality.
These are general guidelines of how I approach post-workout recovery. If you do have injuries, please be sure to get properly evaluated and treated. Each of us are different and have different needs, so keep in mind that not every technique may be appropriate for you. Any questions feel free to email me directly at
My business info:
Ashley Moler, DC
3957 E. Speedway Blvd. Ste. 207
Tucson, AZ 85712
(520) 329-2286

Today for Workout Wednesday, Kyra Vidas brings us an amazing glute exercise:

“I am going to show everyone a few of my favorite glute exercises. These are easy to do and can be done at home. I have been doing them body weight style, but you can always use light ankle weights to help build some more tension. Also, bands are good for these exercises, however, I wanted to show you the simplest way for those who don’t have equipment.”

Vidas’ program and all Workout Wednesday’s happen live each Wednesday here:, and

Watch today’s video, HERE:

Workout Wednesday is brought to you by all WPH members and WPH Patreon supporters.

“Thank you WPH for giving me this opportunity! I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the courts again soon!” – Kyra Vidas

WPH Workout Wednesday is part of the #HandballAtHome series as we #QuarantineWithWPH during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please continue to follow CDC guidelines, use proper hygiene and stay safe! See you on the court soon.

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Today’s WPH Workout Wednesday comes from a larger-than-life on-court wizard, WPH Qualifier, Max Langmack.

In the words of Max Himself:
“Hi WPHers! . . Today I’ll be taking you through a circuit workout I’ve been doing to stay in shape during the pandemic. I’d like to credit this routine to Brendan Langmack: my brother who is a DIII Lacrosse Player, Chemist, and all-around cool guy. This routine will emphasize push-ups, sit-ups, running, and core work, specifically. Substitute exercises will be listed for those who do not have access to the equipment needed.
This workout will require a pull-up bar and a chair/stool. (I’ve included some substitute exercises if you don’t have one available.)
We’ll start with a quick warm up:
50 Jumping Jacks
Dynamic Stretching:
Leg Kickbacks
We’re doing this to loosen up the muscles, get the blood flowing, and increase our ranges of motion. It’s important to work your way into the workouts to prevent any injury.
This workout will work quick sprints from station to station. If you’re at home – substitute a 30 second high knee interval instead. We’ll do the following body-weight exercises below:
Station 1:
2 sets of 10 with a 30 second break in between
Station 2:
Pull-Ups/Assisted Pull-Ups
2 sets of 10 with a 30 second break in between
Substitute: Assisted Handstand Push-Ups (2 sets of 10 with 30 second break in between)
Station 3:
Overhead Hang
20 second hang with 30 second break in between
Station 4:
2 Sets of 10 with a 30 second plank in between the two sets and after
Station 5:
2 Sets of 10 with 30 second break in between
Station 6:
Reverse Crunches/Plank
2 Sets of 10 with a 30 second plank in between the two sets and after
Station 7: 
Bicep Contractions/Triceps Extensions
2 Sets of 10-15 with a 30 second break in between each set
Substitute- Push-Ups for Biceps, Triceps Push-Ups for Triceps
Station 8:
2 Sets of 15 (each leg) with 30 second break after 1 set of both legs
With that, you’ve completed round 1 of the workout.
To up the intensity:
Add a lap of cardio by running at 80%
Take a 3 minute break and then repeat the round for a second time.
The beauty of this workout is its sprints (keeping our cardio up and preventing rest) and the high volume of body-weight repetitions we can get by doing multiple rounds.
See you on the courts soon!
Max Langmack”
Big thanks to Max Langmack for lending his Workout Wednesday routine to us all, while we #HandballAtHome and #QuarantineWithWPH
Until next week, please do send us your workout videos and we will share: and if you have a full routine (like Max), talk to us and we will highlight you!

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The World Players of Handball continues it’s #HandballAtHome series with a valuable lecture from one of today’s top handball players, Martin Mulkerrins (IRE).

This quick LIVE discussion highlights what the handball superstar has been up to, where his mind is at, and what he is doing to stay in shape:

The World Players of Handball Foundation (WPH) brings you the continued #HandballAtHome series, highlighted by the LIVE Workout Wednesday feature from the top players of the game on, as we encourage you to send in your quick workout video (2 min or less) to be featured right here at WPHLive.TV.

If you have a bigger workout that you would like to have featured on Wednesdays, please do contact us:

Special thanks to Martin Mulkerrins, Kyra Vidas and Jeff Kastner.

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Today, top 30 four wall ranked pro, Dylan Hernandez (CA), gives us his workout routine; while offering tips along the way.  Dylan, like many of us, has access to an outdoor handball court, but is still following social-distancing guidelines.

Hernandez put’s on his handball gloves, goes down to an empty park and does his handball warm up routine that can be done on any wall or court.


Workout Wednesday is brought to you by and we will bring you this special warm up Each Wednesday with the World Players of Handball as we #HandballAtHome together.

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We are pleased to present to you today, as part of our #HandballAtHome series during the Pandemic, former 2004 Pro Women’s National 4 Wall Champion (USHA), Yvonne August.
Lady August is a personal trainer, wife and mother of three and at the age of 51 is living on the Island of Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands, but still follows and loves the sport of handball.  In fact, this former #3 ranked pro played in multiple WPH tournaments in both 3 wall and 4 wall for the past several years before retiring to the Caribbean.
Today’s workout is a routine from the HIIT/Cardio Kickboxing catalog and will knock your socks off!  
  • Internet connection, personal smart device w/viewable screen & audio
  • 6′ x 6′ foot flat surface
  • Towel
  • Watch
  • 55 minutes of free time to burn calories!

Yvonne August instructs a local class and online classes Monday thru Friday from 9am to 10am Atlantic Standard Time and you can join in from your home by downloading the zoom app, then going to the meeting at 8:45am with ID/Code: ID#6178846575. If you do attend a class of hers, please mention handball and have a quick chat with one of our great champions of the past!
Yvonne August charges a fee for her online classes and accepts money thru PayPal and Venmo.
You can contact Yvonne before or after the LIVE video airs via Facebook messenger at:
Please do follow social-distance guidelines during this deadly Pandemic and please do use proper hygiene, as we flatten the curve and get back to normal. We will be on a handball court soon!
Special Thanks to Jeff Kastner/Kastner productions, Yvonne August and WPH Patreon supporters of the WPH who allowed the handball community to watch this video today.  Yvonne August does not own the rights to the music portrayed in the video and has donated her time, as an instructor, to help viewers stay fit.  Yvonne August, nor the WPH receive money or gifts from the music choices selected.

WPH Workout Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020 with Ciana Ní Churraoin

Today on, and, #2 Ranked Women’s Pro, Ciana Ní Churraoin went LIVE with her #HandballAtHome WPH Workout Wednesday video!

Wanna see it again?

The Quarantine is dragging on, with many locations in lock down; while others have a bit more freedom. If you are stuck in a confined area looking to stay fit; while also practicing safe social distancing, please join and get tips from the pros every Wednesday, plus a whole lot more! Each Wednesday during the pandemic we will have a new ‘Handball at Home’ workout video!

Do not have Facebook?

No worries!

We have the video here to make it easy on you:

Workout Wednesdays with the World Players of Handball and

Kyra Vidas w/the WPH explains HERE>


WPH Workout Wednesday, May 27 2020 with Mike Semplice

Pittsburgh, PA’s top Handball player, former Qualifier finalist w/WPH and Senior 40+ semifinalist, Mike Semplice takes some time out from his full-time personal training studio, to bring us a quick metabolic conditioning workout tool that will help EVERY handball player. 

You’ve heard of the 7-Minute Abs?  

Well, Coach Semplice has a very quick routine that can be done multiple times a day and in less time!

Get your shoes on, your water bottle and get ready to get fit in five minutes or less. . . 

Check this video out courtesy of the WPH Patreon page at  Please do sign up and make a pledge, as the WPH brings you two unique posts every day during the pandemic!

Special Thank you to Mike Semplice for his time and support of the WPH and our collective health!


All part of the #HandballAtHome series as we #QuarantineWithWPH

WPH Workout Wednesday, May 20, 2020 with Niall O’Connor
You may know Niall O’Connor as a top 15 ranked WPH Pro (w/a bullet) with a ton of upside skill on the handball court. In fact, as a teen living in Ireland, O’Connor was sharing wins with the likes of Martin Mulkerrns, Kilian Carroll, Diarmaid Nash and others before a serious set of injuries sidelined him from the game for several years.
Returning to handball less than two years ago, O’Connor has already made a splash on the Race4Eight Tour and vows to continue his trek to the top.
How did O’Connor work his way back onto the handball court? This is a simple answer: HARD WORK.
O’Connor’s training and athleticism, plus ‘knowledge of the body’ has brought him notable wins against ranked pros such as Ricardo Fernandez and Shorty Ruiz, plus a huge upset versus Elite 8 cast-member, Daniel Cordova in 2019.
O’Connor graduated college from Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) Co. Westmeath, Ireland, with a degree in Sports Science w/Exercise Physiology and was later certified in Nutrition and Advanced Coaching; meanwhile, the 27 year-old remains open-minded about his craft and continues to learn and evolve.
Today, we get the chance to tap into some of O’Connor’s ‘expertise in fitness,’ with this week’s edition of: Workout Wednesday w/World Players of Handball.
#HandballAtHome, #QuarantineWithWPH
We hope you enjoy this Instructional Video, set forth by Niall O’Connor, on: Setting Up and Performing Exercises Beneficial to the Sport of Handball.

O’Connor stresses that this ‘Instructional’ video is just a Template that can be altered to your specific needs, body and situation and is solely meant to be used as examples and recommendations to further your physical well-being, as you move your handball game forward.
Please contact the WPH if you’d like to make direct contact with Niall O’Connor, or check him out on social media:
As always, we want to thank those behind the scenes who help put this together: Kyra Vidas and the team of Vincent/Kastner. Meanwhile, big thanks to Niall O’Connor who spent many hours writing up, plotting, and fine-tuning this incredible showcase.
The WPH encourages you to continue social-distancing, follow CDC guidelines; meanwhile, use proper hygiene, quarantine (if possible) and stay safe. We will be back on the handball court soon!
This feature has been brought to you by pledge supporters of the World Players of Handball Foundation.


WPH Workout Wednesday, May 13, 2020 with Danielle Daskalakis
Arguably the best women’s outdoor player on the planet and most certainly a top the hot-list for best all-around player in our game, Danielle Daskalakis has totally bought-in to the #HandballAtHome concept! 
Today she brings you a LIVE functional circuit workout with an emphasis on explosive movements and coordination.

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Meanwhile, thank you for supporting the WPH here on, WPHLive.TV, and

WPH Workout Wednesday, May 6, 2020 with Killian Carroll

This Wednesday, and those before it, the World Players of Handball and have teamed up with the pro players of the sport for “Workout Wednesday’ –a LIVE #HandballAtHome feature that showcases a workout from our professional handball players.

Two weeks ago we had #1 Women’s elite, Catriona Casey showcased, followed by the Senior 40+ pro #1, David Fink, last Wednesday.  Today, the WPH R48Pro #1, Killian Carroll, gave us a routine that’s helped him maintain his #1 ranking for the past few years.

This program was first debuted for members and a big thank you to Kyra Vidas, Killian Carroll and Jeff Kastner for this week’s video (all three are also members of

Please do share this video!

Tune into Facebook Live each Wednesday as we #HandballAtHome with the WPH!

The Quarantine is dragging on, with many locations in lock down; while others have a bit more freedom. If you are stuck in a confined area looking to stay fit; while also practicing safe social distancing, please tune into FacebookLive each Wednesday during the pandemic for The Handball at Home feature: Workout Wednesdays!

Workout Wednesday is brought to you by

WPH Workout Wednesday, April 29, 2020 with David Fink
This past week, David Fink #1 Sr48Pro, gave is some strength training that will benefit your handball game!

Dave Fink’s workout originally aired LIVE via Facebook, this website and

Today, you can watch this amazing endurance-test on-demand courtesy of the WPH.  Thank you Mr. Fink!

WPH Workout Wednesday, April 22, 2020 with Catriona Casey
WPH WR48Pro #1, Catriona Casey (Ireland) continues the #HandballAtHome series, brought to you by members as we #QuarantineWithWPH.
Catriona is currently quarantined in her home in Ireland, but is finding ways to stay busy and stay in handball shape, as the world continues “lock-down-mode” during this pandemic.
Today, Catriona’s dynamic warm-up, will be consisting of two rounds of HIIT (7.5 mins each) and with modifications offered, followed by a 10 minute yoga-inspired cool-down.
So, clear out some space in your front room or ‘at home gym’ and let’s get started!

(Can’t view the video?  Patreon supporters of the WPH can!
Meanwhile, as Catriona was performing her video LIVE, WPH top 5 women’s pro, Danielle Daskalakis was in New York trying to keep her edge as she also played along!  Here’s Danielle in a time lapse watching and working-out alongside Catriona (See Video below):
Special Thanks to Catriona Casey for lending her time to this great cause. Next Wednesday (Apr 27) we have Sr #1, David Fink, with a workout inside the WPH Headquarters in Tucson, AZ, as we #HandballAtHome and #QuarantineWithWPH
Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines like Catriona Casey and so many others during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue social distancing, self-isolation and quarantining, while maintaining proper hygiene, as we conquer this coronavirus together.
Also, please do continue to stay active and healthy so we can get back on the handball court soon. #QuarantineWithWPH and #HandballAtHome like Catriona Casey and handball players all over the world!
CDC guidelines are HERE


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