ValeU Group 1-Wall Small Ball Singles at the 2019 Tucson R48 Pre Qualifier

Posted on Sep 8 2019 - 11:12am by DV

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 9/7/19- New York’s ValeU Group and one of 1-Wall’s greatest contributors donated the prize money for the 1-Wall Small Ball Pro singles, held at Khalsa School’s spectacular two-court 1-Wall complex. “We are committed to promoting and supporting 1-Wall small ball handball,” stated Jared Vale, president of ValeU Group and one of 1-Wall’s greatest contributors. “Our aim is to revitalize this form of the game; for more people to play it and watch it!  We were very excited to support the 1-Wall Small Ball Pro Singles at the RFC 11 (July), at the Tucson R48 Pre Qualifier, and at the upcoming 3WB Outdoor World Championships later this month.”

David Fink was aiming for his second ValeU Group 1-Wall Small Ball pro singles title of the summer (RFC 11/July), while Leo Canales, Jr. was shooting for an indoor/outdoor Tucson slam.

Fink cruised to the final in the upper bracket, knocking out Juarez’ Victor Sanchez and Drft Fernandez.

Canales, Jr. faced Shorty Ruiz in the bottom bracket semifinals in a rematch of the R48 Pre Qualifier final earlier in the day. Canales led 10-3 in game one before Ruiz stormed back to lead 11-10. Ruiz served out to the left, opening the door for Canales to score five quick points to take the first game.

Ruiz appeared to be on his way to forcing a tiebreaker, leading 14-12 and in control. Canales earned a side out and much like game one, took his game to another level, making acrobatic retrieves, off-balance kills, and scoop re kills to win in overtime.

Canales started well in the final, taking a 5-0 lead on Fink. Fink surged, hitting a short-angled power serve to the left and sneaking serves to the right and following up the serve with hard angle kills. Fink scored 30 of the last 32 points of the match, overwhelming Canales and keeping his ValeU Group unbeaten streak intact.

“I’m going for the ValeU Group slam in Vegas later this month, also known as the ValeU Triple Crown,” stated a confident Fink.


Fink def Fernandez 15-2, 15-5

Canales, Jr. def Ruiz 15-11, 16-14

Final: Fink def Canales, Jr. 15-7, 15-2

1-Wall Doubles

Fink and Ruiz represented Tucson, while Canales, Jr. and Fernandez represented Juarez in a 1-Wall Small Ball Manning Cap. Team Tucson dominated their Southwest rivals, at one point leading 19-4 in the one-game match to 21. “It’s hard to win playing three on one,” lamented Canales, Jr. Team Tucson took the Manning Cup decisively, 21-9.

To watch the ValeU Group Tucson 1-Wall Small Ball pro singles, go to Braulio Ruiz’ Facebook page HERE

Thank you to the ValeU Group , the WPH, and Khalsa School for an outstanding 1-Wall Small Ball singles.

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

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