USHA Women’s Classic & Southwest Regionals: WPH WR48Pro (Women’s Race) Stop #3 – April 1-3rd, 2016

Posted on Mar 18 2016 - 3:55am by DV
cata1Austin, Texas, April 1-3rd, the USHA Women’s Classic, in conjunction with the USHA Southwest Regionals, will host another major tournament designed for handball players of all ages & skill levels!  This tournament’s results will go toward the official rankings of the WPH Elite Women WR48Professional Handball Tour.  Entry info available HERE>
“This is the third women’s stop on the list of professional tour stops for the elite women,” says WPH Director, Dave Vincent, “However, women of all skill levels will participate in one of the coolest drop-downs in professional sports.  We liked the format so much we will be using it for the WPH Player’s Championship in Portland [May].”  USHA allows players who lose to drop from one more skilled level of play into a bracket of like talent until the player is matched up with the most competitive pairing possible.  See tournament organizers for more info (listed below).
  • Travel money to Women’s Classic participants traveling 250+ miles
  • Prize money to top 8 places in the Women’s Classic
  • Free entry for out-of-state juniors/students in the Southwest Regionals (does not apply to Women’s Classic–student entry for the Classic is $25)
  • Lodging assistance for those who’d like to save on travel costs
  • Expecting at least five college teams to be present, and maybe more
  • Austin weather in April is gorgeous
Deadline to enter the Southwest Regional is March 28th, 2016; deadline to enter the Women’s Classic is March 21st.  USHA 21 Ball will be used.  For tournament info; club address, hotel info, division fees and more, use the provided link and use the tabs across the top of the page.  For even more answers, contact event coordinator, Nate Frank,  – (443) 996-1995
This tournament is fully administered by the United States Handball Association.  All rules, format, policies and codes, for all divisions (including WR48Pro) will originate from the USHA.  You can contact the USHA for additional questions:  WPH can be reached at  This event will not be filmed by WPH Live TV
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