Tracy Davis, Pro Player Bio

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 2:26pm by DV

10547433_10152891864748799_5846218462865091633_nPlayer: Tracy Davis

Nickname: Trey Dey

Date of Birth: 3/30/1977

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Strong hand: Right

Handball coach: Cesar Sala, Carl Obert, Steve Lott, Fred Lewis

Favorite all-time player: Lisa Fraser, Priscilla Shumate

Favorite tournaments: NYAC Invitational; Simple Green US Open; 3Wall Ball (Las Vegas); 2012 Worlds Championships in Ireland.

Most satisfying victory: winning the 2012 USHA One Wall Nationals after a 2 year layoff; 2014 USHA 1 Wall and 3Wall Championships; NYAC Invitational Tournament 2013; 2012 & 2013 USHA Women’s Classic; 2011 & 2013 WPH 3Wall Las Vegas (slammed both times)

Favorite shot: Power serve to the right, passing shot to the right

Best ever Race result: 2nd Place at stop #2 (New York Athletic Club) during 2013-14 Race season

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