The USHA Hall of Fame

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ushabuildingThe U. S. Handball Association established its hall of fame in 1954. There are two categories of inductees: players and contributors.

To be inducted, a player must be over 40 years of age and retired from serious competition for at least five years. Contributors are honored for outstanding service to the game on the national level.

The hall of fame is located in the USHA’s national headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to plaques honoring the inductees, it contains photographs, plaques, medals, trophies, and other memorabilia, as well as a library that includes tournament and instructional videos along with books. A Wall of Champions list winners of national one-, three-, and four-wall tournaments.


Player                                                                                                                         Year

Naty Alvarado1998
Sam Atcheson1955
Albert Apuzzi2011
Steve August2011
Al Banuet1954
Rosemary Bellini1996
John Bike2012
Robert Brady1965
George Brotemarkle1969
Anna Calderon2012
Phil Collins1989
Frank Coyle1961
Joe Danilczyk2008
Ken Davidoff2005
Marty Decatur1984
Dave Dohman2009
Joe Durso2012
Howie Eisenberg2003
Paul Haber1983
Sam Haber1984
Vic Hershkowitz1957
Dennis Hofflander1996
Jim Jacobs1972
Pat Kirby1986
Maynard Laswell1955
Mark Levine2014
Fred Lewis1993
Gus Lewis1961
LeaAnn Martin2010
Carl Obert1999
Oscar Obert1972
Ruby Obert1987
Joe Platak1954
Walter Plekan1991
George Quam1959
Artie Reyer2003
Allison Roberts2014
Vern Roberts2002
Lou Russo1990
Steve Sandler1985
Ken Schneider1965
Stuffy Singer1994
John Sloan1976
Al Torres2004
Angelo Trulio1959
Wally Ulbrich2006
Joel Wisotsky2004
Bill Yambrick2000

Contributor                                                                                                               Year

Joe Ardito1979
John Aronen2009
George Brotemarkle1969
Tommy Burnett2005
Mike Dau1988
Bob Davidson1973
Ron Emberg1995
Frank Garbutt1955
Hyman Goldstein1964
Alvis Grant1995
Bob Hickman2011
Bob Kendler1957
Ken Konkol1989
George Lee1965
Mort Leve1976
Joe McDonald2001
Charles O’Connell1957
Bob Peters1997
Carl Porter1995
Al Schaufelberger1959
Joe Shane1963
Les Shumate1961
Steve Subak1985
Pete Tyson1987
Paul Williams2014

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