The Monday Morning Serve by David Fink: 1/19/15 Pre-Houston

Posted on Jan 19 2015 - 3:30pm by DV

MMS pic 1Welcome to the Monday Morning Serve. WPH is preparing for the first Race event of 2015 and the third stop of the R48 IV season this week. All of the top stars will be in action, including Paul Brady, the winner of the first two stops of the R48 IV season. The Seniors will also be in action in their second stop of the season, as Houston has attracted one of the best draws in SR48 history. The WPH has exciting news on the 6th annual 3WallBall World Championships, the upcoming Race stop in San Francisco, the WPH No Frills pro singles final, a WPH Coach being hired to coach handball at the premiere summer camp in the southwest, and videos featuring the world’s best players discussing how to compete with Paul Brady. Enjoy!

To read the Houston Race 4 Eight IV Stop #3 preview and watch the video preview, click here:

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To read about the WPH No Frills finals between Luis Moreno and Sean Lenning, click here:

MMS pic 2aFor information on the 6th edition of the WPH/WOR 3WallBall World Championships September 24th-27th in Las Vegas, click here:

For information and how to enter the R48 IV’s Stop #4 in San Francisco on

To read about the WPH being hired to coach up to 50 junior handball clinics per week at the Tucson Racquet Club All Sports Summer Camp, click here:

How do you beat Paul Brady? Watch here:

Can Luis Moreno win his first Race Stop of the season? Watch here:

MMS pic 3What does a top player need to do to beat Paul Brady?

Scott, Maryland

Beating Paul Brady comes down to execution, plain and simple. A top player would need to create offensive opportunities and execute those opportunities nearly flawlessly. Brady will constantly adjust to different speeds, serves, and game plans, so a top player would have to continue to adjust throughout the match. Fitness would become a major factor because Brady applies pressure like no one else in the sport and will not be beaten in two short games. Consistently neutralizing Brady’s serve is perhaps the most critical shot when playing Brady, because Brady will win virtually every rally when able to set up and shoot a weak return of serve

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