The 64th Annual USHA National Junior 4-Wall Championships Wraps

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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 12/30/19- The 64th Annual USHA National Junior 4-Wall Championships was a tremendous success, as the best junior handball players from the U.S., Canada, and Ireland showcased their sensational handball skills in Tucson in between Christmas and New Year’s.

Junior prodigy Ray Ure survived thrillers in the semifinals and finals to win the 19-and-under, overcoming Ireland’s Conor Walsh in a tiebreaker in the semifinals and fighting off a second game surge from Ireland’s Cian O’Driscoll in the final. At just 17, Ure became the youngest 19-and-under singles champion in two decades.

“Cian is tenacious and just keep coming, like he did yesterday (against Burgos), but Ray made the shots in the end,” stated tournament director Matt Krueger.

“”It looked like we were going to see a tiebreaker all the way in the second game,” stated hall of fame legend John Bike, Jr., watching courtside.

O’Driscoll and Walsh set aside their respective singles disappointments and won the 19-and-under doubles, rallying after losing game two to Jorge Pimentel and Luis Mendez to win the tiebreaker.

SoCal’s George Mitchell dominated the 17-and-under singles, winning the title without dropping a game.

Ireland’s Charlie Treen was the class of the 15-and-under singles, allowing double digits in just one of his six games.

Tucson’s Ayden Brule picked up another national title in the 13-and-under, defeating the Olympic Club’s A.J. Wilkinson in the final.

Tucson added another title in the girl’s 19-and-under, as the stylish Sophia Della Croce surrendered just 16 points in her three matches.

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Congratulations to all of the junior participants!

Huge thanks to Matt Krueger, Vern Roberts, and the USHA for an outstanding event!

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