The 2024 Canadian 4-Wall National Championships: The K Train Sweeps Quebec

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WPH Press, Quebec, CAN, 5/19/24

The Canadian Handball Association was proud to present the 2024 Canadian 4-Wall Handball Championships at the Universite Laval in Quebec, QC.

The 2024 Canadian 4-Wall National Championships will feature one of the strongest men’s open singles fields in the history of the event, highlighted by 23-time Race 4 Eight champion Killian Carroll, defending Canadian national champion Niall O’Connor, Canadian superstar and R48 #10 Ivan Burgos, Canadian legend Danny Bell, Race 4 Eight star Sean Kerr, the Santerre brothers and many of Canada’s best competing for the most prestigious prize in Canadian Handball. The women’s open singles field featured defending champion Shauna Hilley and Canada’s Maria Dugas.

Men’s Open Singles

Killian Carroll dominated the 2024 Canadian 4-Wall Handball Championships, winning his four matches without dropping a game. After dropping Canada’s Vincent St-Amant in the quarterfinals, the second-seeded Carroll overcame training partner and 2024 Aces Player’s Championship tenth place finisher Sean Kerr in the semifinals, then ended his Irish junior rival Niall O’Connor’s Canadian reign with a two-game sweep in the finals.

“The final between Killian and Niall was a great match,” stated tournament director Jermome Santerre. “In the first game, Niall was really surprising (Killian) and was able to finish long rallies with kill shots or re kill of Killian shots. Niall was diving and able to reach some incredible gets and surprised spectators. Killian still kept his focus in the game and got the job done in two games.”

Carroll teamed with Kerr to win the doubles, defeating Raphael Santerre and Niall O’Connor in the final.


O’Connor def St-Amant 15-9, 15-8

Burgos def Bell 15-6, 15-0

Kerr def J. Santerre 15-4, 15-6

Carroll def Audet 15-1, 15-1


O’Connor def Burgos 16-14, 7-15, 15-8

Carroll def Kerr 15-2, 15-7

Final: Carroll def O’Connor 15-9, 15-3

Doubles Final: Carroll/Kerr def R. Santerre/O’Connor 15-12, 15-0

Women’s Open Singles

Final: Hilley def Dugas 15-10, 15-1

“Shauna was playing really good throughout the tournament, even in doubles in the Open Men’s and Women’s,” stated Santerre.

2024 Canadian 4-Wall National Champions

Men’s Open Singles: Killian Carroll

Women’s Open Singles: Shauna Hilley

Men’s Open Doubles: Carroll/Kerr

40+ singles: Lawrence Martin

60+ singles: Richard Mascia

70+ singles: Merv Deckert

15-and-under singles: Ryan Eisenbart

40+ doubles: Fromstein/Kopchuk

70+ doubles: Cambell/Deckert

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David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

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