The 2017 Lady Big Blue Baller Doubles

Posted on Sep 1 2017 - 12:19pm by DV

Brooklyn, NY, WPH Press, 9/1/17- The Lincoln Terrace Handball Association and Big Blue Ballers tournament director Veronica Figueroa were proud to present the 2017 Ladyballers Pro Doubles at St. John’s Park in Brooklyn, New York. The Ladyballers featured 26 women’s doubles teams. “I’m really proud of theLadyballers event,” stated August’s WPH Ace of the Month Veronica Figueroa. “It just gets bigger and better each year.”

Women’s Pro Doubles

The Ladyballers started in 2015 and has quickly become regarded as one of the top women’s doubles events in New York City. JoJo Para and BeeBee Garcia entered the event as the top seeds, with the “Wonder Twins” Jessenia and Melanie Garate and Quasia Ziegler and Emerald Roberts seeded second and third, respectively.

The top seeded Parra/Garcia cruised to the final with an impressive win against Team Santiago/Ruby in the upper bracket semifinals, while the “Wonder Twins,” Team Garate ousted Team Ruiz/Qu in the bottom bracket semifinals.

The finals produced tremendous action, with the two top teams displaying sensational skills in the one game final. “There were so many great rallies in the final,” stated Ms. V. “In the end, Jojo and Beebee were just too experienced for the young “Wonder Twins.” Team Parra/Garcia cruised to a 25-6 win to take the Lady Big Blue Baller’s title.

“I just want to thank all of the women for making it back to St. John’s Park to finish the tournament after multiple rain delays,” stated Ms. V. “I have to thank my (Lincoln Terrace Handball Association) Vice President Dana Everett, who helped me run the tournament and stay organized, all of the spectators for enthusiastically cheering and supporting the women, Emy for helping with the trophies, and Tywan Cook for refereeing all of the matches.”

2017 Ladyballers Finishes

1st: JoJo Parra/BeeBee Garcia

2nd: Melanie and Jessenia Garate

3rd: Crystal Ruiz/Jenny Qu

4th: Jessica Santiago/Ruby

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Thank you to the Lincoln Terrace Handball Association and WPH ambassador Veronica Figueroa for running an outstanding event, featuring 157 men’s and women’s pro players in two divisions. Log onto, Like the World Players of Handball on Facebook, or follow the WPH on Twitter @dfwph and @wphlive for all of the handball news from on and off the court! The World Players of Handball is a non-profit foundation aiming to grow the game of handball through innovation and inspiring the next generation of players through junior clinics with Certified WPH Coaches, junior tournaments and the Race 4 Eight and WPH Outdoor tours.

David Fink

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