Stock Watch from the 2015 3WallBall World Championships

Posted on Sep 29 2015 - 4:38pm by DV


WPH Film Crew + Tournament Staff (+10%): The WPH Film Crew and WPH Tournament Staff worked tirelessly in 120-degree on-court temperatures to provide incredible coverage on ESPN and to ensure that matches were on-court. Thank you to Steve Soto, Tom Flores, Javi Flores, Tanner Cleveland, Betty Fabian, Alfredo Morales, Joe Harris, Mari Flores, Tywan Cook, Veronica Figueroa, Kris Gurrad, Ben Manning, David Vincent, Lolita de Vincent, David Fink, Kara Mack, Jeff Kastner, Matt Taitano, Samantha Kocher, Anna Yee, Albert Martinez, Omar Santa Ana, Chris Show, and Samzon Hernandez, to name just a few.

Kara Mack (+10%): Kara Mack shined with captivating interviews and commentary throughout the weekend, bringing emmy-level professionalism to each match. Be sure to checkout the “Kara Goes Behind the Lines” interviews with top R48 and WPH outdoor pros during upcoming ESPN broadcasts

Junior Players and Coaches (+10%): The 2015 3WallBall Championships featured more junior players and clinics than any of the previous 3WallBall Championships. Thank you to WPH coaches for teaching the clinics, thank you to all of the kids for their incredible sportsmanship and passion for the game, and thank you to all of the junior coaches and parents for bringing the juniors to the event

Santos (+10%): Needing a win to secure his fourth consecutive 3WallBall title and the Hemborg Cup for Player of the Year, Santos fought off three match points in the thrilling final against Samzon Hernandez and won in the most dramatic fashion possible

IMG_9906Lenning (+10%): Sean Lenning added the 3WallBall Small Ball slam to an incredible season that has seen him win the WPH R48 Player’s Championship, the WPH Outdoor Xrossover Championship, the 1-Wall World Small Ball Singles, and the USHA 3-Wall National Title. No player scored more than seven points off Lenning in the 3WallBall singles. Wow!

Brian Pineda & Charlie Pratt (+10%): Top racquetball pros Brian Pineda and Charlie Pratt volunteered countless hours between and after their matches to join the ESPN broadcast, offering insightful and exciting commentary and highlighting the sport and the players they love

Samzon (+9%): Despite coming up one point short in the Big Ball final, Samzon showed that his recent slump is over and that he’ll be a force going forward. Samzon’s renewed intensity and enthusiasm was the highlight of the event, and fans cannot wait to see him play in his next start

Ng (+8%): Sandy Ng captured the Women’s 3WallBall doubles title for the sixth straight year (in six 3WallBall events), proving that she is the best doubles player in the game. Credit should also be given to the incredible Tracy Davis, who has teamed with Ng to win five of those titles

IMG_9344Racquetball, Handball, and Paddle Ball on ESPN (+7%): Racquetball, Paddle Ball, and Handball all appeared on ESPN for the first time in the same weekend, providing court sports enthusiasts with one-stop shopping for the best court-sport athletes in the world

Timbo (+7%): The World 1-Wall Big Ball Singles Champion and Big Ball #1 rebounded from a disappointing 1-Wall Big Ball singles semifinal loss in the 2014 1-Wall Big Ball at the 3WallBall to dominate the field in 2015, including a 12-minute thrashing against his top rival Tywan Cook in the final

Conall Mc Cavitt (+4%):  Traveling from Ireland and playing 3-Wall for the first time, Mc Cavitt nearly upset two-time 2015 WPH Outdoor singles finalist Alfredo Morales in the round of 16, losing 21-20. Despite the one-point loss, Mc Cavitt’s result was one of the highlights of the event, as CM proved that he could adapt to any game against any player


Vegas Heat (-10%): Weather reports called for temperatures in the low 90s in the week leading up to the 2015 3WallBall Championships, but a heat wave appeared and skyrocketed temps into the high 90s and 120s on-court, causing a number of heat stroke victims and weary competitors.

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