Sean Lenning is on Fire!

Posted on Oct 30 2015 - 1:28pm by DV

11165151_10153293144243799_3718114475821765451_nSean Lenning owns a 22-5 Race record since the 2015 R48 IV Houston (including two Pre-Race events), with three of those five losses coming against the R48 #1 Paul Brady. Lenning’s only losses outside of his three to Paul Brady were to Andy Nett in the semifinals of the 2015 NYAC and Luis Moreno at the 2015 Plummer Bash.

The reigning WPH R48 Player’s Champion has won 22 of his last 24 non-Brady Race matches. The 2015 R48 V Tucson Memorial marks the first official Race event in which Brady has not entered since the 2014 R48 III Houston.

Will any of the R48 stars be able overcome Lenning’s white-hot play in Tucson next week?

To watch all of the action live, go to the Watch ESPN APP (here). Make sure you have an account with your cable company so you don’t miss a point! To follow all of the news from the world of handball and the 2015 Tucson R48 Memorial/Junior WPH Benefit, go to To follow the draws and results from the 2015 Tucson R48 Memorial/Junior WPH Benefit, click here

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

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