Sal Duenas, Santa Ana, CA

Posted on Aug 1 2012 - 10:59pm by DV

sdPlayer Info

Highest Ranking: #6
From: Santa Ana, CA, Orange County
Height/weight: 5’9/180
Left or Right: Lefty/ambidextrous

Tournaments: (2010-2012)

2010 Vegas WPH Doubles Finalist (Gman Velazquez)
2010 League 1st place small ball 4 wall open doubles LAAC (Marcos Chavez)
2011 Vegas WPH Semi finals pro big ball singles
2011 Fresno state big ball 3 wall open singles 1st place
2011 La Quinta 3 wall big ball open doubles Semi finals (Marcos Chavez)
2012 Bill Dole Baby Doll 4 wall pro big ball dbls 1st (Marcos Chavez)
2012 Jr Vazquez 3 wall small ball open doubles 2nd place (Samzon Hernandez)
2012 Open doubles big ball Tijuana Mexico 2nd place (Samzon Hernandez)
2012 WPH Fresno 4 wall big ball open doubles 2nd place (Mando Ortiz)
2012 Stockton CA open singles 3 wall big ball 1st place (slammed)
& 1st place doubles (Reyes Bonilla)
2012 Tucson, AZ 4 wall big ball pro singles WPH 2nd place


Who introduced to handball: Sal Duenas SR (father) at age 10 at community college in Santa Ana, CA.

Home courts: Any 4 wall/3wall courts, Buena Park and more!

Profession: Real Estate Mortgage Processor

Biggest win/notable match: 2012 qtr final defeat over #1 seed, Juan Santos, to advance to semis @ WPH Fullerton, CA 3 Wall Shootout

My coach: Father, my teammates.

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