R48Pro Elite Men’s Rankings: Post New York ’16

Posted on Mar 15 2016 - 10:11am by DV

pb1For the first time in a while, the WPH reveal the Power Rankings alongside the Race Rankings.  What’s the diff?  Well, the Race Rankings take in results from the current Race4Eight Season only, whereas the Power Rankings give us a broader scope of events dating back 12 months.  The WPH uses the Power Rankings for seeding purposes throughout the regular season until the final stop; where the Race Rankings are then used.  In this case, Portland’s Player’s Championship is a Race Ranking stop and the biggest of the year for the players on tour.  In addition, the WPH invites the Elite Eight to Portland using Race results and the season-ending bonuses are based off the Race Rankings.

Next up?  The WPH ACES R48Pro #6, April 15th-17th, 2016.  Go HERE to see the full schedule!

WPH Rules, Payouts and More, HERE>

New York proved to be a big Race-Ranking event and it has really narrowed the field down to ten key players:

R48 V Points Post NYAC 3.16.16


WPH R48 Power Rankings 3.16.16