Plummer Family Handball Bash – Jan 20-22

Posted on Jan 6 2017 - 2:20pm by DV


WPHLiveTV, Race4Eight Professional Indoor 4 Wall Tour (Powered by ESPN) will be in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, hanging with Jake Plummer [former NFL pro bowl quarterback turned entrepreneur] January 20-22, where Mando Ortiz (CA), Sean Lenning (AZ), Killian Carroll (IRE), David Fink (AZ), Emmett Peixoto (CA), Luis Moreno (AZ), and the Cordova Brothers (Daniel & Luis) round out the elite eight; meanwhile, Andy Nett (MN), Jon Iglesias (CO), Abraham Montijo (AZ), Shorty Ruiz (AZ), Ryan Pesch (MN), Vic Perez (CA), Marcos Chavez (CA), Dalton Beall (OR) and Dan Armijo (AZ) bring qualifier and top eight talents to the Great Pacific Northwest [over 17 current or former qualifiers in the men’s pro makes this one of the deepest Plummer draws on record].

Plummer FAQ:

Where can I see the draws?  A.  You can visit the R2sports event page and follow the brackets HERE.  Draws will be released the week of the event.

Can I watch LIVE?  Is this on ESPN?  A.  This one has baffled the WPH team since adding the stop some 14 months back. Although this stop is not going to be on ESPN due to a scheduling conflict in Bristol, CT, it may be recorded and played back or even streamed live @  WPH is trying to raise funds to film and is short some $2,000 to pull off the gig. If the WPH can cover the costs you will get LIVE coverage; if funds are not raised, then you will watch marquee matches on-demand after video upload.  Go to or the week of for video details and instructions.

Is this a Women’s Pro Stop?  A.  No.  However, women’s elite have always supported this tournament and some top talent like Courtney Peixoto (CA), Tracy Davis (CA), Jessica Gawley, (CAN), Jennifer Hinman (OR), Ashley Moler (AZ), Aimee Ulbert (GA) and local standout Laura Schoener (WA) headline the division.

Can I come and watch?  A.  Uh, Yeah!  The Peak Health and Wellness Center on Ironwood Drive is a great, clean, safe and friendly venue and max crowds come to this event each year to watch top handball, meet Jake Plummer (autographs/storytelling); while mingling with the pros.  Come on down!

WPH usually offers junior clinics at all race stops.  Will there be one in Idaho?  A.  Oh gosh yes!  Bring the juniors!  We have Jake, plus pro players lined up to do their magic.  These clinics are a staple at all WPH events and usually run on consecutive days and are fun and energetic!

Can I still register?  A.  No.  The tournament has a max of 100 players (first come ~ first serve) or a deadline of Jan 13th (whichever comes first).  This year, like most, the Plummer Bash sold out with 45 days remaining.  Impressive.  Why the cap you ask?  Only a couple courts at the facility, so we just roll with it.

Pro Handball play begins on Friday afternoon alongside amateur, age division, women and junior brackets; doubles and singles, plus the best hospitality you will ever find at a local stop.  Don’t believe us?  Come and see for yourself.

More info on the event webpage, or by emailing  Do not forget to download the new R2sports Mobile App so you can track scores, connect with your favorite players, watch LIVE handball – all while getting real-time notifications right to your device.  Download from the App Store, Google Play Store or a