Niall O’Connor featured: Memory Monday

Posted on Sep 1 2020 - 5:30am by DV

The WPH is thrilled to present to WPH Memory Mondays (video) during the ongoing handball quarantine, featuring your favorite Race 4 Eight pros discussing their favorite handball memories, who inspired them to become a Race 4 Eight pro, their favorite tournament and the best player they’ve ever played. You won’t dread Monday mornings any longer!

Niall O’Connor was one of the most promising junior handball players in the game in his teens, competing evenly against Killian Carroll and Diarmaid Nash in Irish junior events. O’Connor suffered a series of injuries, including shoulder surgery, that kept him off the court for several years. Niall qualified for the R48 tour after a long hiatus from the game by ending Shorty Ruiz’s streak of 14 consecutive qualifier final victories at the 2019 Aces Player’s Championship and stunned three-time R48 champion Danos Cordova five months later in the round of 16 at the 2019 Tucson Memorial. Niall has arrived!

In this edition of WPH Memory Mondays, Niall discusses his favorite handball memories, inspirations and more:

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