Minnesota R48Pro Deadline Extends!

Posted on Nov 6 2016 - 6:16am by DV

luis-cordovaDeadline to enter the WPH R48Pro Stop #2 – Minnesota is here!  (on line entry open until November 13th)

The Fall Classic at the University of Minnesota is among us, as amateurs, age division, women and men; singles and doubles converge on the University of Minnesota campus for an exciting weekend of handball November 18th-20th, 2016, in Minneapolis, MN.

The second stop of the R48Pro season six brings along ESPN3 & the WatchESPN App, as the WPHLiveTV film crew will give you continuous coverage of the Men’s Elite quarterfinals, playoffs and finals, plus Senior 40+ pro semis and finals Saturday & Sunday (Nov 19-20).  Taking the top eight invites are:  Armando Ortiz (CA) #1, Sean Lenning (AZ) #2, Killian Carroll (IRE) (#3), Luis Moreno (AZ) #4, Emmett Peixoto (CA) #5, Daniel Cordova (TX) #6, David Fink (AZ) #7, Luis Cordova (MEX) #8.  Top qualifiers are:  Jon Iglesias, Marcos Chavez, Vic Perez, Andy Nett, Anthony Selestow, Abraham Montijo, Shorty Ruiz and Dalton Beall, to name just a few.  Naty Alvarado and Marcos Chavez headline the 40+ singles and will continue their rivalry in Minneapolis.

mando-ortiz“Our group is excited to return to the University,” barks WPH/ESPN Engineer & Video Producer, Kris Gurrad.  “We will give you good solid blocks of high definition coverage on ESPN beginning Saturday morning, as we follow the quarterfinals right through the semis Saturday night.  On Sunday we amp up the coverage with finals-day for the 40’s and elite players plus cool playoffs, as the players scramble for ranking points and cash.  This one is going to be amazing!”  WPH brings along Kara Mack, ESPN Sideline Reporter, plus the two Dave’s (Vincent/Fink) to handle the main announcing and will have player & crowd interviews, instant replays, in-game features and a full video production tha mirrors major market sports coverage.  You can watch live on www.race4eight.com or go to www.espn3.com or www.watchespn.com for details.

WPH allows anyone to play in the 40’s and qualifiers, w/the pro qualifier set to cap at 32 total players.  “There will be up to eight brackets in the qualifier; awarding a position in the Sweet 16 (main pro bracket) and space is limited as we head into the final day of entries,” says WPH Executive Director, Dave Vincent.  “We use the R48pro hardball just for the WPH divisions, as voted on by the pro players; meanwhile, the Red 21 Ball is used all tour long for amatuer divisions, so do not think you are going to be forced to play with a ball you have not trained with.”  WPH has partnered with the Red 21 at all stops dating back to 2012; however, allow the pro players to choose the ball they want to play with (vote-driven) in their brackets.  Senior 40+, Qualifiers and Elite Pros all use the R48Pro Ball all season long (2016/17) and will vote again at the conclusion of the season.  Women’s elite players use the Red 21 as voted on by the touring women (at select WR48Pro stops).

All tournament info posted on the registration page (use your tabs) HERE>


Q.  When does the event start for Qualifiers and Senior 40+?

A.  The qualifier will begin Friday after 9am; Seniors will begin Saturday Morning if eight or less players are in the draw.  More than eight and play begins Friday afternoon (after 5pm).

Q.  If I play in the Qualifier or Seniors, what rules do I need to follow?  Anything I should be aware of?

A.  WPH does run a tournament differently, please see a veteran on-site to help you navigate or contact a WPH official for clarification.  A good start is to read the Code of Conduct.  WPH has a goal of mentoring and helping younger players grow as better sports-men and women.  In many first round or playoff matches, expect to ref your own matches and pitch-in to help tournament control.  Elite pros routinely make themselves visible during the qualifying process and will help coach and support.

Q.  I heard you are bringing junior coaches.  How does that work at a pro stop?

A.  WPH has a pro player clinic at every event they perform and especially pro events, as the elite players will get on the courts with juniors, college players and adults seeking to improve their game.  Times for clinics will be posted or see a WPH official on-site.  Clinics are usually performed on Saturday, so please inquire on-site.

Q.  I heard that you have to wear WPH shirts at WPH events.  Is this true?

A.  Only pros in the top 16, plus all filmed matches (qualifiers, pros, 40+ and women) are required to follow the clothing code of conduct; a rule implemented by the WPH & ESPN jointly.

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