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Lake Forest, IL, WPH Press, 11/25/18-

Day Two (2 of 2)

The final day of the Exhibition of Champions at Lake Forest College featured Killian Carroll facing Vic Perez for the championship, Daniel Cordova facing Jon Iglesias for third, a special doubles exhibition, and all of the pros sharing the court with the Latoff YMCA junior handball team.

Carroll defeated Perez 15-8, 15-13 in a highly entertaining final. Perez said, “Coming back to LFC reminded me of all the great players I had the pleasure to spar with, like Suhn Lee, Nikolai Nahorniak, and Jon Iglesias. We used to push each to other to get better and won multiple collegiate national titles. Everything I learned at LFC I tried to apply against the best player in the world, Killian Carroll. I felt like I was at home because I spent a lot hours in the show court. I was able to generate opportunities with my high percentage play and was able to convert most of the time. Killian played great, as his serves were giving me a hard time. I was satisfied with my performance and I want to thank Coach Dau for all of his mentoring.”

Coming off a finals win, Carroll said, “this weekend was a huge success. People came from all over the Chi town area and also kids from the Latoff YMCA came to watch the final day of the Exhibition….It was great to see. What’s more amazing is just being surrounded by such dedicated people who inspire my self-development and my desire to give back to the sport. The two in particular being Coach Dau, who has looked after the handball program at Lake Forest for 50 years and still feels as strong as ever about it, and the other being Don Quinlan, who brought down all the juniors from the Latoff YMCA. To me, this duo are the best in America for handball development and I can see their efforts really rub off on everybody. Also seeing the facilities at Lake Forest College and all of the great handballers that have attended the college was also very unique. This college has contributed to a lot of the great handballers of America’s past and present and to top it all off the hosts were excellent and made a great weekend of handball.”

In attendance for the finals were many Foresters, handball fans, and community members, with 12 special guests from Don Quinlan’s junior handball program at the Latoff YMCA in Des Plaines, Illinois. Quinlan said, ”It was a great opportunity for our junior players to come see some of the finest players in the country in such a nice facility where you can get a real scope of what is going through the side glass walls…it’s like you’re in the court…..I’ve known every one of these pros since they were juniors, and I was able to come see them at the top of their game. These pros are also really good role models on and off the court. There’s no other sport where you can interact with the pros at the top level like handball.”

Final: Carroll def Perez 15-8, 15-13

In the third place final, Cordova defeated Iglesias in two games, 15-6, 15-11. Cordova stated, “I am glad I got to play in front of my college town crowd. It was good to see some juniors come out tonight to watch the matches.”

Iglesias said, “I was really impressed with the fans that showed up to support, in particular all of Don Quinlan’s kids from the Latoff YMCA- he really has done an excellent job over the years molding young kids into respectful young adults. I want to thank all of the people involved and especially Coach Dau, Coach Roberts, and Kyra Vidas for putting together such an enjoyable event.”

In the exhibition doubles, Cordova and Perez defeated Carroll and Iglesias.

Following the matches, Carroll, Danos, Perez, and Iglesias played two-bounce with the Latoff YMCA junior players, as well as providing tips and serving as inspirations to the junior players.

Legendary Lake Forest College’s four time singles and doubles collegiate national champion, Megan Mehilos-Dorneker enjoyed the matches courtside. “This was such a great event,” exclaimed Megan. “I really appreciate the four players who took the time to come out and play. Amazing handball. I loved seeing Don Quinlan’s kids watching these great pros.”

This weekend’s event hosted by Coach Mike Dau and the Lake Forest College program brought back an old tradition. Coach Dau said, “It was a joy to see three of four former players, all ranked pros, participate in the Exhibition at Lake Forest College for the first time in over 30 years. The spectators were treated to handball at its highest level. Topping off the whole event was an outstanding doubles match. It was a pleasure to welcome World Champion, Killian Carroll, for the first time to the handball courts at Lake Forest College. He put on a remarkable show of skill and gritty determination. We are most appreciative of the support received from Dave Vincent and the WPH. We were pleased to have Don Quinlan from the Latoff YMCA bring a dozen of his prodigies, who thoroughly enjoyed the competition and finished the night playing two bounce with some of the pros.”

Lake Forest College and Coach Mike Dau appreciate the support from everyone who contributed to making this event possible.

To watch replays of the matches, go to the #TeamR48 page on Facebook. Videos courtesy of Kyra Vidas.

Pictures courtesy of Kyra Vidas.

-Kyra Vidas, WPH reporter

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Read about Day one, Below

Lake Forest, IL, WPH Press, 11/24/18- For the first time since 1977, Coach Mike Dau and the Lake Forest College handball program proudly presented the Exhibition of Champions on Thanksgiving weekend, featuring world champion and WPH R48 #1 Killian Carroll and Lake Forest superstars Daniel Cordova (R48 #4), Vic Perez (R48 #7), and Jonathan Iglesias (R48 #21). The four superstars showcased world-class handball on Lake Forest College’s Sports and Recreation Center courts, the one-time home to many of the greats in the history of the sport.

Friday’s opening night kicked off with Daniel Cordova facing Victor Perez, followed by Killian Carroll versus Jon Iglesias.

Perez defeated Cordova in a tiebreaker in the evening’s first match, 15-11, 10-15, 11-4. Perez stated, “Being back at Lake Forest College reminds me of the many hours I put practicing on the court trying to perfect the high percentage game; pass shots and ceilings. I was able to apply the Coach Dau strategy against Danos. I slowed down the pace and had more energy for the tie breaker.”

Cordova added, “I was excited to be back on campus. Brought back a ton of memories. I was also looking forward to catching up with Coach Dau. That was a treat.”

The second match, Killian Carroll defeated Jon Iglesias in two games, 15-3, 15-5. This was the first time Killian Carroll has been in the Forest. Killian Carroll stated, “I am excited to play at Lake Forest College; the facility that has hosted some of the best players at the collegiate level for so many years. I am excited to play at this exhibition with three others who are top on the pro tour. I am ecstatic to meet the famous Coach Dau and learn from his experience and teachings.”

Lake Forest College had many of their current and past Foresters in attendance. The Lake Forest College program has been continuing their tradition of excellence since 1968. Jon Iglesias stated, “Coming back to Lake Forest College to play on these courts for this exhibition after over a decade of playing here that Coach Dau put together means the world to me. Reminiscing on my time here, these were the best four years of my life. I would recommend any prospective student who is considering LFC to take the leap and sign up for one of the greatest experiences.”

The Exhibition of Champions will resume play Saturday, November 24th at 7pm. Killian Carroll will play Victor Perez in the championship match, followed by Daniel Cordova vs. Jon Iglesias for third. Following singles, there will be one doubles match: Carroll and Iglesias vs. Cordova and Perez. Thank you everyone for your support.

Day 1 (Friday)

Perez def D. Cordova 15-10, 10-15, 11-4

Carroll def Iglesias 15-3, 15-5

Day 2 (Saturday)

Final: Carroll vs. Perez

Third place: D. Cordova vs. Iglesias

Doubles exhibition: Carroll/Iglesias vs. D. Cordova/Perez

To watch replays of the matches, go to the #TeamR48 page on Facebook. Videos courtesy of Kyra Vidas.

-Kyra Vidas, WPH reporter. Pictures courtesy of Kyra Vidas.

Stay tuned to this thread for a recap of the final day at the Exhibition of Champions.

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